Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Laughing at myself is good.... :P

On Sunday after church, I had to rush out to meet my parents at 12pm as they were going to pick me to go for lunch with some relatives and some restaurant near Asia Jaya.

I was on guitar that day, and the sermon was taking longer than usual to finish coz' there were some really long announcements beforehand. 10 minutes to 12pm, the pastor is still talking, and I'm starting to get a bit fidgety and hoping he will end soon so I can grab my guitar from the stage, pack up and meet my parents. 5 minutes later, sermon was over, I did exactly that and had just enough time to pack up and fly out the door with my guitar when my parents pulled up in front of church in my uncle's BMW. Why is my dad driving my uncle's BMW? Well, my uncle stays in the same apartment block as us, but is currently working in Dubai. So instead of leaving his car to rot, my my uncle let my dad 'take care' of the car for him. In other words, he gets to drive around a free BMW and look like some hot shot rich guy to people who don't know the car isn't his. Heh. So since it's technically not my dad's car, I never bothered to remember the license plate number.

Anyway, back to my story. Parents were already there. I had just walked out with my guitar. So I told them to wait a while so I could throw my guitar into my car. So they drove up front a bit more while I went to my car.... or at least I *thought* they drove the car up front a bit. After dumping my instrument, I walked quickly back to the BMW parked in front of church that looked very much like my uncle's BMW. I flung open the back door and jumped right in.

It. Was. NOT. My. Uncle's. Car.

Fortunately the owner of the car was someone from church, Uncle Mak. He turned around, gave me this great big smile and asked me something along the lines of whether I needed something, but I can't remember what exactly he said coz' I was too busy realizing what had just happened. I imagine the look on my face at that moment was totally priceless. But I quickly recovered, explained to Uncle Mak that I mistook his car for the one my parents were in, laughed it off, and made a fast getaway. So fast that I brushed past Uncle Mak's son who was just about to get into the car and was probably wondering what the heck I just did. Turns out my dad decided to turn his car around so he was parked on the opposite side of the road.

MOCK ME! MOCK ME NOW! *Carol bangs head against the table in utter embarassment*

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter to you and Happy Birthday to me!

Easter play is over! I finally have the time to write my normal long-winded posts and play with applications like "Who has the biggest brain?" on Facebook until I realise that I'm wasting my life away! My brain is apparently 2228 cm³ in size and I rank as Space Ace, by the way.

Now it's time for that strange feeling of "...Is that it?". :p After about 3 months of working on this play, and spending almost every night at church these past couple of weeks ironing out the rough edges... I feel quite sad that it's officially over after all that hard work, and now life goes back to normal. I also realized that this was probably the biggest scale production we've ever pulled off in church, every single person on the cast was so totally perfect for their role and practically everyone in church was involved in one way or another... I'm so gonna be a sap and say it was great working with such awesome, talented and FUN people and seeing the play coming out so fantastically well, three night in a row. :) Ah well, all good things must come to an end...onwards to the next show!!! But not for the next few months at least. Hehehe...

In other news, it was my birthday on the 22nd. I am now officially a quarter century old. In club 25. Fast approaching the realm of Ally McBeal-ism. Turning the big 30. My mum sure didn't help by saying "You're 25? Time to get a boyfriend!" Oh yes, I'll try to remember to stop by Carrefour on the way home tomorrow and pick up something from the section called 'Boyfriends'. I hear they're on discount after Valentine's Day. -_-

Didn't have much of a plan for the big b'day this year, but had some small a simple celebrations. Folks at church pulled off the "surprise" birthday cake and song on Friday night after the play... and did an encore of the birthday song later on at a mamak. Woke up on Saturday wondering if I should do anything to celebrate or just bum around at home... til Fan Yin invited me along for lunch, and I ended up trying some new food at Italiennies and dessert at Yogur Berry with her, Matthew and Shaun. Today I had a small dinner celebration at home with family... enjoying a slightly strange combination of roasted duck, fried cabbage, Dominoes pizza and Viennetta ice cream cake. All in all, quite a simple but enjoyable birthday. And didn't get any presents, but that's perfectly fine coz' unless people know what I reeeaaaallly want, I'd rather have nothing than something I don't want, need or know what to do with. And right now the only things I kind of really want is a big@$$ camera and maybe a small, easily-foldable music stand which I can carry around easily in my car and use it at cell group or anywhere that I need to play guitar. Not quite sure if such a thing exists around here. Doesn't hurt to hope!

Anyway, thanks to everyone who remembered my birthday. Which includes my folks, who didn't forget this year! And to Selina for making me the birthday card. Handmade stuff rocks! And to Fan Yin and Matt and Shaun for joining me in my first experience in the wonderful world of Italiennies! And Yogur Berry! And to whoever planned the not-so-surprising-but-I'll-act-surprised-anyway birthday cake at church! And to a certain someone who was broadcasting to everyone backstage during Easter play on Friday that the next day would be my birthday and I'm one year closer to the grave! Your time is coming soon too, you know... :P

I'm gonna be a sap again and say thank God for great family and friends! Oh yeah, Happy Easter, y'all!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The 60 second post

Very busy week. Lots of work to do. Lots of problems testing stuff at work. Need to prepare stuff for next week but not enough time. I won't have a holiday tomorrow.

Am spending almost the whole week at church preparing for the Easter play. Parents not happy coz' I'm out a lot. Frus coz' they don't understand the reason why I'm doing this... or that it's actually quite tiring.

Applied for a job at Sime Darby last week. They called me yesterday to come in for interview. TODAY. But I can't go coz' of too much work. Worried that I won't get another chance. :( Hope they will have another interview after next week. Wondering if I should just up and resign now I can concentrate on interviews. But folks would give me an earful for being a bum.

I'm not the only one with problems. So God help us through this week.

This actually took more than 60 seconds to write. So sue me.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Some artsy stuff and some (MORE) Idol stuff

I have a dream that one day, when I have earned enough and have at least RM2000 that I can happily splurge without batting an eyelid, I will get myself one of those big@$$ cameras which can take awesome close-up shots and awesome night shots and awesome...any other kind of shots. But right now I have to settle for my Rm500 Canon Powershot, which takes not-so-awesome shots. Not quite enough to satisfy my growing artsy fartsy tendencies, but will have to do for now. Here are some not-too-bad pics I took over the past couple of weeks while on a company trip at Avillion Hotel, Port Dickson, and on church camp at Bintang Hotel, Seremban.

I totally love this last pic. The gecko in the 5th pic was a really photogenic little fella too. My camera was probably 2 inches away from him and he didn't budge. :)

Anyway, I know I said my next Idol checkpoint would be 6 weeks from now after it's been whittled down to the final 6 contestants, but after tonight's performances, sorry to say that I can't help going into Idol freak mode again coz' there were quite a few unexpectedly good performances from people whom I thought are off the radar... and also a few unexpectedly horrifying performances from the better singers. So I think any predictions for the top 6 would just be completely off tangent coz' it's stating to look way too unpredictable. So here's my take on this week's show (they did Beatles' songs this week), and the ones I vote most likely to get the boot. :)

The GOOD (or more like the fantastically awesome!):
1) Jason Castro - Oh gosh, I really don't care what Simon says about him at this point. I'm totally in love with this guy. He doesn't have a fantastic voice... but his mannerisms, the smile, and everything about him (except the hair) is totally adorable. And he's still a complete natural on stage. And his rendition of "If I Fell" temporarily turned me into a giggly schoolgirl... it's quite scary actually. He goes to show that you don't need to the big ol' powerful voice in order to be a fantastic singer.
2) Chikeze Eze - I'm not a Chikeze fan at all... but his performance this week was REALLY cool. One of those you-just-have-to-see-it-for-yourself performances. I don't even know what was the song he sang, but he did it great and that's all that matters.
3) David Cook - Also a great performance with his rocked out rendition of Eleanor Rigby. I was thinking what a great single his rendition would make. I'm so gonna download the recorded version.... :D
4) Brooke White - Yet another singer who doesn't have a powerful voice, but the heart and passion she puts into her performances is so obvious, I can't help but love her too now. I would feel very much for her if she gets the boot coz' you can so tell that singing is her dream. But she definitely won't go anywhere this week!

The BAD (some truly horrifying stuff here!):
1) Kristy Lee Cook - Kristy has a very strange idea of what Country music is. Simon told her she would do well doing Country music, so she had the bright idea of taking a perfectly non-country song like "Eight Days a Week" and having the band completely massacre it by playing it like a Polka song on fast forward. I spent her entire performance gawking at the tv screen... too shocked at the monstrosity I was listening to to even cover my ears, or do anything other than be shocked. I don't even care that her singing was reasonably good. The fact that she would even *think* of asking the band to play that means she's get my vote for the boot this week!!
2) David Archuletta - Hey, the Boy Wonder finally made a boo boo. A really big boo boo. He forgot his lines! Not just once, but quite a few times, in fact, while singing "We Can Work It Out". It seems he does fantastically well singing slow, thought-inspiring songs, but throw him an upbeat song to sing and he's done for. If he sang like this in the first week, he probably would've gotten the boot, but since people will still like him based on previous performances, he's still safe this week.

The OK....:
Carly Smithson was ok for me, but the judges thought she did a fantastic job singing "Come Together", so I suppose she'll be around for a while....
I'm getting bored of Amanda Overmyer singing the same ol' rock style songs and not being able to pronounce her words properly. Getting a bit annoying actually. I won't miss her if she gets the boot, even though she is one of the more unique performers.
Ramiele Lullaby... whoops... I mean, Malubay did another sleepy song this week. She's so boring I've decided the fact that she's the only Asian contestant is not enough to keep me supporting her.
David Hernandez made a mistake singing "I Saw Her Standing There". Did totally nothing to show off his voice and he's starting to go off the radar for me.
Michael Johns and Syesha Mercado.... both did pretty well, but didn't make me jump out of my seat.

In short, I'm betting Kristy will get the boot this week. I might do a little chicken dance if she does... but not quite as festive as when Danny Noriega got the boot last week (I'm still celebrating!).

Saturday, March 08, 2008

American Idol predictions: Part 2

It's down to the top 12! And my wish actually came true! Danny Noriega got kicked out this week! Woohoo!!!!

* Carol does Chicken Little dance while shaking invisible maracas*

I really thought he would actually get into the Top 12 coz' those crazy Vote For The Worse people actually WERE voting for him, and during the results shows it was down to Chekezie Eze, whom I didn't think performed very well so I thought he would get the boot and Danny would remain in the show to torture me... but thank God their votes were not enough to keep him safe. He's gone! He's gone! Hallelujah! Let the world rejoice! Let the world rejoice! Let the people be glaaaad! That Danny's goooooone!!

My overall predictions for the top 12 were pretty good. Just to refresh your memory, the ones I thought would get into the top 12 were:

1) David Hernandez - IN
2) David Archuleta - IN
3) Jason Castro - IN
4) Michael Johns - IN
5) Jason Yeager - OUT
6) Chikeze Eze - IN
7) Amanda Overmyer - IN
8) Kady Malloy - OUT
9) Asia’h Epperson - OUT
10) Ramiele Malubay - IN
11) Syesha Mercado - IN
12) Carly Smithson - IN

And the ones I thought would get the boot were:

1) Danny Noriega - OUT
2) Garrett Haley - OUT
3) Robbie Carrico - OUT
4) David Cook - IN
5) Colton Berry - OUT
6) Luke Menard - OUT
7) Alaina Whitaker - OUT
8) Kristy Lee Cook - IN
9) Brooke White - IN
10) Amy Davis - OUT
11) Alexandrea Lushington - OUT
12) Joanne Borgella - OUT

Well, 9 out of 12 isn't bad at all, I think. I can't really disagree with who got into the top 12 though. The 3 whom I thought would be kicked out actually performed much better than I expected in the last couple of weeks, so they do deserve to be in the Top 12.... though I still think Kristy is not that great a singer but she pulled off a country-ish song pretty well and that's why she scraped through. As for my hopefuls who didn't make it, Jason Yeager was unfortunately not cute enough to save himself from being too forgettable. So off he went. Bye bye, eye candy boy. Kady was a fun personality off-stage, but once she started singing, it really was like Night of the Living Dead. And she was soooooo off-tune. So off she went. Asia'h was a great singer but commited Idol suicide by choosing a Whitney Houston song to sing... which is a one way ticket to forgettable land. When will these people learn that singing Whitney or Mariah or any other slow and extremely well known diva song is the * last * thing you should do on American Idol?? They oughtta learn from Jason Yeager... take a relatively unknown and unpopular song and change it up a bit to make it sound fresh and different! And because it's an unpopular song, few people can compare it to the original. You do NOT want to be compared to Whitney or Mariah, man. Total Idol suicide.... So Asia'h was off as well.

So now the competition gets more fun... and much more difficult to predict. I thought the girls would stomp all over the guys with their big voices... but most of them are going down the horrid diva song path and becoming extremely boring. On the other hands, the guys are so much more fun to watch. And I'm not saying this coz' I'm bias towards guys, ok. There's no way I can guess who will win at this point... so what I will do is make another prediction... who will get into the top 6! And I think those people will be...

1) Jason Castro (I still love him, except the hair. CUT OFF THOSE DREADLOCKS!!)
2) David Cook
3) David Hernandez
4) David Archuleta
5) Michael Johns
6) Brooke White

Yeah, the guys will rule this year. Brooke is the only girl there coz' she's the most interesting performer of the bunch so far. The other girls can pretty much fade into the land of forgettable... unless they all wise up and stop choosing those boring diva songs, like, NOW.

Next Idol checkpoint in 6 weeks time! Stay tuned, people....


I had a google chat with my ex-bf today for the first time in, like, forever... coz' for some reason or another I have never seen him online on Gmail until recently... So today while I was blurring out at work, I took more time than I knew I should have on one of the most fascinatingly amusing yet totally useless online chat conversations I've ever had. To fully enjoy this you should know that Stuart is Australian, an atheist who dislikes anything to do with religion and he took lessons in Bahasa Indonesian, but my Malay speaking skills still wipes his anytime. I also like changing my Gmail status practically every ten seconds in a day or so. That's all you need to know, so here we go!

5:19 PM Stuart: interesting signatures on your gmail! what are you playing at :o
5:20 PM me: oh, it's just a fun thing to do.. changing my gmail status every now and then
Stuart: double clicking the mouse?
me: and making ppl wonder what I'm talking about
no, just click the status under your name and type whatever u want
5:21 PM u can try too
Stuart: (my Gmail status at this time was "Ooh...OOH... I feel an answered prayer coming on! *yesssss*") sigh... so whats the answered prayer you can feel coming on?
5:22 PM me: oh, it's just that I'm going for a church camp this week and it going until Monday, so I took leave but my manager said I needed to come back to work for something, so I prayed that something would happen so that I don't need to come back, and now it seems it's happened so I probably can take my leave after all :)
5:23 PM (I changed my Gmail status to "Hi Stuart!") I changed my status again. hehe
Stuart: I saw
so how's work
5:25 PM me: doing ok
they shoved me into testing team now
Stuart: starting to enjoy it yet?
me: means no techie skills required
and I don't feel like a dumb@$$
but still boring
Stuart: that's a great feeling!
me: yeah,nothing quite like not feeling like a dumb@$$ me: looking for a job in environmental management
5:26 PM Stuart: does that mean cutting down trees?
me: I mean environmental consulting
Stuart: does that mean telling other people to cut down trees?
me: no, it means advising companies on how to better manage their businesses so that it is less damaging to the environment
5:27 PM Stuart: haha
me: any dummy can cut down a tree
Stuart: so things like putting the sewer outfall a bit further out to sea?
5:28 PM me: -_-'
I hope the clients I meet won't be like you
Stuart: hahahaha
take a chainsaw brochure
5:29 PM me: u working late or just staying at office to bug me? :P
Stuart: at home. wanna go back to the office later though... exciting friday night for me!
me: wait.... you WANT to go back to office on a FRIDAY night??
5:30 PM Stuart: yeah... not enough done this week again... got some work to do but feeling like a dumbass
me: it's dumb@$$
Stuart: ok... dumbASS then
5:31 PM me: no no, dumb@$$
Stuart: hahahahhahahah
me: that's the family friendly version
Stuart: hahahahaahahaha
dumbass dumbass dumbass dumbass dumbass...
5:32 PM me: oh fine if you wanna be a dumb@$$
Stuart: no money in being a dumbass... but maybe there is in being your kind?
5:33 PM ok..
just tell em to put concrete and paint it green
me: whaddaya mean by my kind, hmmm? -_o?
5:34 PM Stuart: and plug the sewer outfall so all the crap goes on the streets where it belongs
your kind = @$$
get it now?
me: your kind = ass
I'll take @$$ over ass anytime
5:35 PM Stuart: nothing quite some ass is there
know any good fart jokes?
5:36 PM me: fortunately, NO
Stuart: know any good @$$ jokes?
me: same answer :P
5:37 PM I'm sure you'd have more expertise in that area
Stuart: I'm just a tryer
me: yeah right
5:38 PM Stuart: hehe
me: still as mean as ever I see
Stuart: terimakasih
kamu baik sekali
5:39 PM me: kamu sangat jahat
banyak jahat punya orang
Stuart: what's jahat?
me: sungguh sungguh jahat
go ask your Indonesian teacher :p
5:40 PM Stuart: snuggle snugge jamies?
me: or look for a malay-english translator
Stuart: oke
me: you have 2 minutes starting now
you can also look for 'celaka'
5:41 PM Stuart: think I'll play dumbass instead :D
me: and 'nakal'
kamu celaka punya orang
5:42 PM Stuart: something about having people... sounds sexy!! anything to do with ass?
me: what??? What screwed up translator are u using??
Stuart: kamu = you
punya = have
orang = person
5:43 PM you have person with celaka? is it a disease?
me: you have no idea how hard I am trying not to laugh my head off right now
5:44 PM Stuart: har har har..
5:45 PM me: celaka means something like obnoxious
but not that... I can't think of the right word
it's like saying, you're too much!
Stuart: I'm not too far wrong then... ass's are obnoxious... so are diseases
5:46 PM me: have u found 'jahat' and 'nakal' then?
Stuart: actually ass's are only obnixious when they're doing their job
already know nakal... no idea about jahat... sounds like a town
jahat baru...
5:48 PM me: it's JOHOR baru
* slaps forehead *
jahat means BAD
5:49 PM Stuart: so new but bad.. ok
me: adui
Stuart: huh?
5:50 PM me: malaysian expression of exasperation
Stuart: how about fiuugh?
me: huh?
Stuart: faaaaarrrrrk
5:51 PM me: that sounds wrong
Stuart: (aus expression of exasperation)
me: that's also a family friendly version of a bad word
Stuart: didn't know that!!!
me: doesn't it sound like a particular word to you?
5:52 PM no idea what is fiuugh though
there are many commonly used malaysian expression of exasperation
for example
Stuart: I thought you were saying fiuugh was the fam friend version..
5:53 PM me: oh no, I was talking about faaaark
Stuart: no... that's just a sound that crow's make
me: no, crows go CAW CAW
Stuart: fiuugh is a female expect everything type exasperation
5:54 PM crow's go faark faark faark...
me: so the males say fiuugh or the females say fiuugh?
Stuart: fems
me: oh ok
I should try that sometime
Stuart: what? expecting everything? I agree.
5:55 PM me: no, saying fiuugh
Stuart: hehe
me: fiuugh!
Stuart: heheheheh
what did you expect?
me: for u to know what I was talking about :P
5:56 PM Stuart: and you thought I didn't know :)
better than dumbass
5:57 PM me: anyway, other commonly used malaysian expressions of exasperation:
But that's only used by Chinese
and it means something very bad
5:58 PM Stuart: how about AUS?
me: so refrain from using it
Stuart: sounds like a bird anyway
me: how would I know? You're the Aussie, not me!
Stuart: hehehe
shouldn't have taught you that!
me: yes, it's quite fun
5:59 PM I'll use that on all my friends and let them wonder what's wrong with me
Stuart: got a firework show on now!
me: outside your house?
6:00 PM Stuart: yup
me: what's the occasion?
Stuart: guessing it's someone's birthday at one of the expensive riverside restaurants
6:01 PM me: oh, I thought it's coz' it's friday and everyone can go get drunk silly and have major hangovers tomorrow without worrying about work
Stuart: over now
me: that was fast
Stuart: drunkenness is every friday... more important than fireworks
6:02 PM me: no, the fireworks are to celebrate the freedom to get drunk
doesn't matter that u guys do it very week
Stuart: freedom isnt the word... it's a human right!
6:03 PM me: yes, but work the next day restricts how drunk you can get
so friday means you have more freedom than other days
with the exception of saturday, of course
6:04 PM Stuart: extra freedoms on Saturdays! coz nuthing to do the next day :) :)
me: unless you go to church
you can't say that, you're not female
Stuart: I was just getting in before you did
6:05 PM and noo-one goes to church any more so that doesn't count
me: oh, I'm sure there are some strange species of Australians who still do
6:06 PM You said that's a female expression, so u can't use it!
Stuart: vewy strainge
how about faark?
6:07 PM i've heard a few fems using that one too... better than guys actually
6:08 PM me: but you didn't say it was restricted to any particular gender
so faaaark is open for anyone to use
nyeh nyeh
6:09 PM Stuart: he he he
what I say goes hehehe
6:10 PM me: yeah
Stuart: actually if girls use faark it's never the fam version!!
me: but then you can't overrule it once you've said it
Stuart: the moon is pink
6:11 PM me: unfortunately if you say something that contradicts a known fact, you're just a dumb@SS
6:12 PM Stuart: but to propogate a fallacy, known or unknown, is a sign of intelligence then?
6:13 PM me: nope
6:14 PM Stuart: therefore the moon is pink.
I win
me: it's just that since you created the rule first, and if no one else particularly cares if it's right or wrong, then you are right by default
but the fact is the moon is yellow, not pink
so you are a dumb@$$
Stuart: and the earth is flat
6:15 PM me: dumb@$$
Stuart: and the tooth fairy leaves easter eggs next to my bed every christmas
6:16 PM me: how does fiuugh apply to this context?
6:17 PM Stuart: it doesn't
i just like stepping on your turf
me: adui
Stuart: fiuurk
6:18 PM me: celaka punya orang
Stuart: there's that socially undesirable disease again : (
6:19 PM me: it' not a disease, you dumb@$$ :P
6:20 PM Stuart: well I've been calling it the wrong name for a long time then!
6:21 PM i've gotta cook some celaka soon
me: that's just proves my point even more
6:22 PM Stuart: kamu belum makan?
me: belum
sekarang pukul 6.30 saja
awal lagi
Stuart: saja?
6:23 PM awal?
me: only
early Stuart: pukul?
me: pukul 6 = 6 o' clock
ok, I gotta go soon
Stuart: confusing
me: it's just the way they say the time
6:24 PM Stuart: what's hour again?
me: jam
Stuart: so why not jam 6
me: cannot
Stuart: strainge
me:you don't say now it's 6 hour
6:25 PM Stuart: six o'clock
means six of the clock
me: yeah, so six o'clock in malay is pukul enam
Stuart: but of the clock is jam
you said pukul is early
me: no, jam is hour
6:26 PM 6 hours = 6 jam
no, I said pukul is equivalent to o' clock
Stuart: fiuugh
me: anyway, enough BM lessons for today
I gotta go!
Stuart: ok
nice to catch up again
6:27 PM me: yes it was
fascinating conversation
have fun at the office again
instead of going out and getting drunk silly
Stuart: I'll look around for some good fart jokes before the next one
me: * sad *
Stuart: hehe
me: wait, doesn't suit the context
Stuart: faark
6:28 PM hehe
me: that doesn't suit the context either!
behave yourself
Stuart: eh
har har
catch you next time
thanks again
me: buh bye
6:29 PM Stuart: nice place to end!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Nanny and fairy hotmother extraordinaire

I got stuff to blog about but don't have the time to blog about it, thanks to work which takes up a significant portion of my day, Easter play practice which takes up a significant portion of my night, and on Wednesdays and Thursdays, American Idol, which takes up whatever time I have left. So I really should be asleep now coz' it's 1.20am, but I'm in the itchified mood to blog about something. And since I've already just covered the work that takes up a significant portion of my day, I might as well blabber about how I've been spending the significant portion of my nights recently. And throw in some free advertising since I'm at it!

My church is having a play on Easter play this coming 2oth, 21st and 22nd of March, 8.30pm each night. It's called "The Perfect Murdered", and as the title suggests, it's a story about a heinous murder and two detectives who try their very level best to find out who-dunnit. Was it the man's family? Was it a friend? Or one of his household help? And yes, there is a butler... but it wasn't him who dunnit! And what the heck does all this have to do with Easter? Well, you gotta come and watch to find out! Check out the flyers for the thing, man... they're pretty cool. :)

And if that isn't enough to spark your interest, there's an even cooler online trailer at Youtube! And half my face is in it for like a whole 3 seconds. Whoa. Now I can finally say I'm on Youtube. Whoopie! I don't have a big part though. I play the nanny to the girl who plays a 12 year old kid, but in real life she's actually 26 years old, which is one year older than me. And I only just found out her real age recently, which kinda made me go "What the *bleep*?? You serious???" Anyway, I only have a total of 9 lines... two of which are only two words long and one is three words long... so I spend a significant portion of the significant portion of my nights at practices sitting around and waiting for my scene to come. And it shall continue thus for the next couple of weeks until the play is done and everyone can finally spend their nights at home relaxing after work like we're supposed to. :P But it's going to be a great show, I'm sure, so everyone reading this who is not already involved in the play and not living in a foreign country, come and watch!

Unfortunately for me, my break won't even come then coz' I am involved in yet ANOTHER play... which is a short skit for my company's Annual Dance and Dinner. The theme for the dinner is Magic... and all the new joiners for the past year are divided into groups, and each group has to do a performance of a different theme such as Gypsies or Wizardry or something like that. My group's theme is Fairy Tales... so we decided to do a CSI-style skit with different fairy tale characters playings CSI investigators and the murder victim being poor little gingerbread man...half eaten to death? Or vicously thrown into a glass of milk? There's also Puss in Boots as Horatio Caine, and Little Red Riding Hood as Calleigh Ducaine, or whatever her last name is. And I have the dubious honour of playing the Fairy Hotmother a.k.a. that black chick who does the body autopsies and whose name I can't remember for the life of me right now. This is probably the only role I'll ever get in my life in which I can get away with wearing spaghetti straps, a mini skirt and fake fairy wings altogether. Certainly sounds a heckuva lot more interesting than playing a nanny... or an old lady like I did in my last church Christmas play! I keep asking my church people to give me a role as a hot chick... still hasn't happened yet. So now I have to get my kicks outsides of church. Tsk tsk tsk. Anyway, practices haven't started on my annual dinner skit yet... but once it does, I'll be up to my neck in busy-ness. *Wheeze!*

Ok, blogging itchiness satisfied. Time for bed.