Thursday, February 16, 2006

More Singapore pics for your viewing pleasure

Ok, I still have way overdue Singapore trip pics to post up and I've finally decided to stop procrastinating and do it before I go on another holiday and have more pics to put up (I never even finished the Tioman pics, but ah well, that's old news...) Anyway, I'll start with the best pics I took at Underwater World.

Starting with possibly the cutest underwater animal there is... the dugong or sea cow. It was being fed at the time I took this pic. Damn, the guy that was doing the feeding in the tank is one lucky bugger.

This guy on the other hand, well... let's just say I hope he knows what he's doing coz' that arapaima (read: big long fish on the right) sure looks like it bite that guy's head off. Eek!

This Giant Spider Crab (named as such for obvious reasons) beared such close resemblance to each other, I almost thought it was a long-lost cousin or something. Of course, since I think macroevolution is BS, that possibility didn't linger too long in my mind. :P

Some pretty sea dragons here. The top one is a Leafy Sea Dragon and the bottom one is a Weedy Sea Dragon. Cool!

You won't believe how many kids call these guys Nemo instead of clownfish...

Me and my friend Kooi Im went to the Dolphin Lagoon too, where of course they had the token dolphin show. If you look closely, you'll see the dolphins are slightly pink in colour. Hence, they are called (surprise, surprise) Pink Dolphins! Doubly Cool!

I also had the bright idea of going to the beach on Sentosa Island (which is where Underwater World is). Turned out to be a less than a bright idea coz' the water is grossly polluted and the sand is SOOO black! Looking at the pic, is it any wonder how it got that way?...

Here's us enjoying our meals on wheels... cup noodles bought from 7-11 that we ate on the bus on Sentosa. Btw, just so you know, if there's one thing that's far from lacking in Singapore, it's 7-11's. They're practically on every street!

That night we went to watch the free Sentosa Island Magical Fountain show. Basically a whole lotta water sprayed around the right way to make them look as though they were dancing. It was actually quite a good show!

And this is Kiki, the weird looking green monkey thing that was the main character in the fountain show. Basically, they used light to project the computer generated characters onto a continuous big spray of water that acted as a screen for the light. Interesting stuff ....

And here's the famous Singapore Merlion getting major laser eye surgery. Kekeke, of course that's not the real Merlion. It's a replica used in the show.

The next day, we both decided to pay a visit to the Singapore Science Centre, which is actually a pretty big and fun place to hang out. We took this using a computer that generates mosaic pics out of normal pics. Funky!

I got a little lost in the anatomy section of the Science Centre...

And here's what we might look like if we were really little people on a food binge.

Here's one of those things with many long pins that make the shape of your hand when you press against it. Anyone know what it's called?

Anyway, to celebrate New year's eve, Kooi Im and I went to Clarke Quay, which has probably Singapore's nicest river. Which is still polluted anyway.

Here's a view of Clarke Quay under a little more romantic lighting.

There was a Mardi Gras going on Clarke Quay, so we got to see some fire-eaters doing their thing.

And some lovely 'ladies' doing THEIR thing.

And to end it off, here's a few miscellaneous fun pics I took out and about different parts of Singapore. Here's a pic on on Orchard Road. Right in the middle of the road too! Don't you just wanna know how I took this pic?

Some wise words I saw on the wall of a shopping complex along Orchard Road.

Here's the Singtel building which I saw during a ride on the MRT. I thought I'd take a pic coz' it looks like the architect who made it was either feeling very adventurous or very drunk.

And the very day I had to take the bus back to KL, I decided to first hop by City Harvest church to see what all the hype about this church is about. Now I know why. The crowd seen in the pic is probably less than one tenth of the amount of people in that place. Talk about Whoa!

And last but not least, a pic of the friendly neighbourhood doggy (I think it's a Chow Chow) that was kept at the backpackers we stayed at in Singapore. Nice doggy, but I forgot its name...dang.

Yes! I'm done putting up my Singapore pics! Now leave me alone! Not like anyone was bugging me for them anyway.... :P

Malaysia's Blogsite List

Oooh, someone recently emailed me and asked me to joined a website that lists Malaysian blogs. I have no idea who this guy is, so I suppose he found my blogsite, which I suppose also means that it's getting more popular than I expected. Hmm...I wonder whether that's good or bad... but anyway, I joined the site. Who's know, after a while my blog might be ranked somewhere at the top of the list on the website. Kakaka! Hmm...might be good for attracting some cute single guys. No psychopaths please. :P Anyway, for those interested in knowing how high their blog will rank or interested in checking out other Malaysian's highly ranked blogs, check it out here!

Malaysia Blogsites List

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tease your brain

I recently joined this pretty cool brain teasers site called Braingle, mainly to find some cool puzzles to drive people nuts with when I'm bored. It's got a heap of different types of brainteasers and games, so I thought I'd share it with you guys. Also coz' I get referral points for every person who clicks this link, and I need a certain amount of points before I can submit any of my own teasers. So even if puzzles scare the living daylights out of you and you'd never go anywhere near this website under normal circumstances, just click the link anyway so I get the points. Hehe! Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Who's this mystery guy?

I just came back from a weekend up at Cameron Highlands with my cell group, and we had a pretty fun time playing cho tai tee and Taboo to death, as well as telling extremely lame jokes. Yours truly told the highest amount of lame jokes among the girls, so it was a good time to hone my joke-telling skills... It's an art, you know! :P Anyway, I think I used up most of my arsenal up there and now I need to read up more jokes for the next time a whole bunch of us need to be entertained. Also need more good brainteasers to keep people's brains awake during the long drive there or back. I told one on the way back and stumped everyone in the car I was in for a good 45 minutes!. :P Of course, the main reason for the whole trip was to have our last time together as one big jolly cell group before we split up to two groups - the youth group and a new young adult group, which includes me! And we had our big discussion about what everyone thought of our cell group to give feedback back to the leaders, and a tonne of interesting and eye-opening comments were made about the problems we had. Lotsa in-depth stuff in that so I'm not gonna go into it. The long and short of it is that the cell did have quite a few problems and each and every one of us need quite a bit of attitude adjustment to help fix those problems. Me included. Heh, it's character building time.

Anyway, once I got back, I found my hotmail inbox stuffed with 22 new emails. One of which was a notification from, which said that apparently someone registered that he (hopefully it's a he.... :P) has a crush on me. And instead of being remotely excited about it, I was just like "Hmm...okaaaay. This is probably some kind of prank someone's trying to pull on me after all my rambling about my singledom in my last post". Of course, the annoying thing is that the email doesn't tell me who the heck sent me this email, and the only way I can find out without said person revealing himself (or herself, if it's a prankster!) to me is if I guess his email correctly on the website. Naturally, out of curiosity, I tried guessing a few emails. All turned out to be incorrect. Then I keyed in the email of every unattached male on my contacts list, and still every single one was incorrect. After which I just couldn't be bothered. I suppose if this email was from some guy who really has an interest in me, he used some email address that I don't have. And of course, there's still the possibility of it having been sent by a girl friend who has nothing better to do than make me key in every single email address on my list to find my 'crush'. Fortunately, I think I have better things to do, so I'm not gonna bother to go through the girls on my contacts list. At least, not until I'm really bored out of my mind.

So if this email really is from an authentic guy (which I still find hard to believe for some reason), then I really wish that mystery guy would work up the guts to tell me who he is. At least through an email or sms or something. It's not like I'm gonna bite your head off anything. And if I'm not interested in a relationship, I won't treat you like you have the plague and run away every time I see you. And if this is a prank, well, hardy har har, now get a life. :P

Anyway, today is Valentine's Day and all, so let's all spread the love, especially to the singles who sit at home watching lame romantic movies and lamenting their singledom while the couples go out and endorse this overly commercialised day with flowers, chocolates, heart-shaped presents and super expensive dinners at high class restaurants decorated with roses. Don't worry, I'll be sitting at home watching CSI instead of lame romantic movies. Mystery guy might wanna make my V-Day interesting this year by revealing himself to me. Just so you know, chocolates will win over my heart anytime. LOL.

Oh, and how can I forget the token cute Sassy pic. Happy Valentines Day from this dashing doggy!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Naeem's Love Prediction for 2006

Ah, it is the year of the Dog according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, and for some reason, I've been hearing quite a bit about what a great year it is for people born in the year of the Boar to get married. And of course, people born in the year of the Boar includes me. A friend just said the other day that 'Boar' people should get married in the 'Dog' year coz' the marriage will supposedly be good. I also read in the Sun chinese horoscope that 'Boar' people will meet their soul mate this year. Ironically, I also read an article in the Star today about the growing phenomenon of working women in KL putting off marriage later and later coz' of work or because they don't wanna be bogged down with a family.

So all this talk about marriage and stuff really got me thinking... damn, I really am old enough to get married! I'm going to be 23 this year, which logically speaking, is just about the best time to get into a relationship. Coz' if I started going out with a guy now and date him for the next 3 years, that would be a sufficiently long grace period for us to find out each others annoying habits and decide whether we're willing to deal with each others annoying habits for the rest of our lives. Once we've both passed the ultimate test of love (aren't I such a romantic?), I'd be about 26 years old, and my guy would be my age if not a few years older, maybe around 30 (I'm not much into younger guys coz' of the whole immature thing, and also it's not uncommon for the male eye to look for younger models, so being older than my man won't help. The only good thing about younger guys is that if we really grow old together, chances are we'll die around the same time coz' the life expectancy of men in shorter than women. Hence we'd get to enjoy most of our lives together, as opposed to if I marry an older guy, coz' he'll probably die way before me and I'll end up wasting the rest of my days away as a lonely, wrinkled old woman. Bygones. So even though I prefer older guys, I'd rather not have them more than 5 years older than me. :)). So then, me and my 30 year-old-ish guy would probably work for a while and wait a couple years or so before having kids. By then, I might be around 28 or 30-ish myself, so by the time our first kid gets to college, I'd be almost 50 and my man would be over 50. In a few more years, if the Malaysian government is still run by people who do nothing but insult each other in parliament and impose ridiculous laws such as all people must retire by 55 or something like that, me and hubby will be out of work, and hopefully by then we would have earned enough to send junior(s) off to college and uni. By which time, we can enjoy retirement and spend the rest of our days in our dream house (hopefully by the beach, on an elevated shore to avoid tsunamis). Therefore, should I get into a relationship now, it would be the perfect time, while the later I wait, the older I'll be by the time the kids get to uni, and hence the more financial problems me and hubby will have.

Sounds all nice and dandy and all, except for one teeny tiny problem. I'm not going out with any guy. And I don't see any potentials in the horizon any time soon. I hardly bother to try and meet new people, and the ones I do meet are either not particularly attractive males, not old enough males, not available males, or simply... not males. And statistically speaking, the odds aren't looking too good on the love-O-meter either. According to some hopefully reliable websites, the current Malaysian population is slightly over 25,000,000. Ideally I should be married to a Christian guy (not that I have anything against people of other faiths, but you know, it's nice to be able to share my faith with the guy I love instead of being at loggerheads about our different beliefs. Plus, I'm perfectly happy being able to eat pork and beef and whatever else I want to eat. Bygones.), but only about 9% of the Malaysian population is Christian. And since half of those are girls, that leaves only about 4.5% of the Malaysian population as possible suitors, which works out to about 1,125,000 guys. Still quite a lot, I guess. But of course, minus off the guys that are younger than me and the guys that are a tad bit too old for my taste, and I would estimate about 15% of that number is between 23 to 27 years old. That works out to about 170,000 guys left. And then at least half of these guys would be either already taken or already married, so that leaves only 85,000 guys left. Some might even be complete jerks masquarading as Christians coz' their parents forced them to go to church, or so they could pick up chicks. Or some just plain crazy. So that would leave maybe around 70,000 left. Ok lah, maybe 75,000 (I hope they aren't really that many jerks and lunatics running around churchs). And most of them would be living outside of Selangor, making my chances of meeting them much, much lower and thus reducing the number to probably 20,000 or less. And since I'm gonna be quite picky about whose annoying habits I have to endure for the rest of my life, I'd say only about 10% of those guys would be reasonably interesting to me. That leaves about 2000 guys. And then most those guys that I'm interested in probably won't be interested in me, so that leaves maybe around 200 guys with mutual interest.

200 is still quite a lot of guys (I mean, I'd be happy to have 5 guys going after me...200 would be like Woo Hoo!). But then there's another issue to throw into the mix, which is that I don't even want to have kids. Not that I don't like kids.... I love 'em. I just don't think I wanna deal with having my own. I'm sure it's a wonderful experience and all to see a life come out of me and fall totally in love with my own kid... but then there's also the whole pain of childbirth followed by sleepless nights due to baby crying, followed by the toddler tantrums, followed by the teenager rebellion, followed by the emptying of my bank account so can they get bored at uni. And then I'd be constantly worried about what I say or do to them that might possibly scar them psychologically for the rest of their lives. And then there's the shear amount of time I'd have to spend with my kids to make sure they grow up right, coz' far as I'm concerned, if I had kids, I'd wanna be the one taking care of them for at least the first 5 years before going to work, instead of leaving them in the hands of some maid. But I'd probably die of redundancy if I was stuck at home for at least 5 years (that's not even counting additional kids). I'd much prefer giving all my attention to my man, earning the money and using up that money to go on holidays and enjoy visiting other parts of the world.

Having said that, being an Asian I unfortunately have to deal with the annoying stigma among the Chinese that once married, must have kids. Therefore, my lack of desire for these little people would severely reduce my marketablity to most Asian guys. I'd say probably up to 80% of guys, thus making the number down to 40 guys. Unless of course, I try to extend my horizons to guys outside of Malaysia, in which case there would be plenty more prospects. And I'm sure a larger majority of non-Asian guys wouldn't mind not having kids. But even so, I'm never going to meet most of them anyway when all I do is spend my freakin' time stuck in front on my computer blogging about ridiculous statistics and projecting on my love life, or lack of it.

Well, I got another 10 months and 3 weeks to go before 2006 is over, so I have that much time to see if that Chinese horoscope turns out to be right. But since those things are mostly hogwash, I'm predicting I'll start the next year in singledom, as I always have. La dee da. But since I'm not interested in kids, I don't have to worry about planning out my financial future for them and I have more time to wait for that supposed Mr. Right to come along, instead of settling for Mr. Almost-Right-But-Not-Quite-There or Mr. Completely-Not-Right-But-I'm-Too-Desperate-To-Give-A-Damn. Bygones.