Friday, June 30, 2006

Mad scientist updates

Work has been making me pretty pooped the past couple of weeks (almost) since I last blogged, so I haven't had the energy to blog. Of course, work had been pretty fun, and also busy. The first week, I just followed the other instructors around to their classes to see how they run their classes and also to help them out in the class. I pretty much got the idea of how it goes really fast, so I took on my own class on Monday this week. For some reason, my supervisor put me in charge of the first class I went to with him the first Monday I was there, and that class is the most haywire one of the ones I've seen. The one with the disruptive kids who just talk non-stop and play around. When I ran the class on Monday, they were pretty much the same. One of the boys would keep on trying to ask questions or say something to show he's a smarty pants, and another boy would come right up to me very now and then to poke around whatever experiment I was showing them. And then some boys would just be fooling around and not paying attention. Fortunately, there are some boys who actually do listen and behave ok. There was only one girl in the class, who was the best kid in the class coz' she just sat there quetly, listening and did what I told them to do exactly like I asked.

According to the other instructors, the reason why this particular class is bonkers is coz' before I joined, the other instructors who took the class just didn't control them properly or did really clown-like things to amuse the kids, so they didn't respect the instructor. :Þ I suppose they played the 'MAD scientist' to the tee.... but it didn't help at all in disciplining them. Sure, a class has got to be fun, but not fun to the extent that the kids do whatever they want and don't listen to the teacher! There also used to be some girls in the class who were, in the words of another instructor, quite 'bitchy' because they used a lot of swear words and curses on the instructors and just refused to do anything the instructor told them to do. Thank God they decided not to join this term when I'm around, or else I'd just scream. But the nutty boys are still around, so now I'm left with the job of trying to undo the damage left by my predecessors. Oh joy. Well, the good thing is at least the kids do listen to what I'm teaching, even though they just can't stop talking. The thing is trying to get them to stop talking and disrupting what I'm teaching, coz' it wastes time and disturbs the kids who actually are paying good attention and behaving themselves. So I'm thinking of using a point system to try and get the little rascals under control. I'll give all of them 100 points at the beginning of class, and minus points for bad behaviour, or add points for good behaviour. And to make sure they pay attention, I'll give them extra points for answering questions at the end of class. And whoever gets the most points gets something extra special. They're supposed to get an item to take home after every class, so I'm thinking I just do up one of whatever item it is for each class extra nice and use that as the carrot on the stick. Gotta make it really good though, coz' these rich kids would probably have high standards. Ack, that's the thing with public school kids.

Well, other than that, work has been mostly good. My colleagues and I get along super well. We all joke around quite a lot, and they are so kind to give me snacks to eat every now and then. :D My boss hasn't been around since I joined, coz' he was away running other businesses and on some business trips. But tomorrow he's coming to office, so everyone cleaned up today to make the office look more presentable (coz' usually it's a pigsty. :Þ)

The thing I also like about the job is getting to let my creative juices out... last week we had to make some pinatas for kids' birthday parties! It's actually quite simple...just slap on two layers of some wet newspaper pieces on an inflated balloon til it's covered, let it dry off, then cover with white paper and decorate however you like. I made a ladybird pinata, which looked pretty cute if I do say so myself. Once it's sealed up with goodies, I'll get a pic of it taken to keep. :D Too bad my masterpiece will be whacked up by some kid someday soon. *Sigh*

Ok, I gotta get to bed. Got to work tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Carol's got a new name!

It's been my second day on the job, and so far I've mainly been doing some reading up on company policies and still figuring out how everything works around here. Also been following the other instructors to their after-school classes to observe how they run the class and get ideas... although I think I won't have much problem planning my own classes and what to teach, considering I have experience in teaching kids and planning classes already. My main issue is going to be knowing how to deal with the kids. From the two classes I've sat in so far, I've learned that some of these kids can be very very noisy.... some kids tend to yell answers to questions instead of say it in a normal tone. And some kids also like to walk around the class and touch the stuff the instructors use. The good thing though, is that they usually are involved and listening, just superbly restless and sometimes disruptive. Although luckily, most of them are pretty ok. Just one or two hooligans in each class...but those one or two are enough to drive any person nuts. :Þ

Another thing is the driving. Oh man, this morning the traffic jam was super bad because it was raining. It took me one and a half hours to reach my office from my house, when during no jams, I can reach there in less than 40 minutes! It made me 15 minutes late for work, which of course made me worry coz' I'm new and don't wanna be late to work on my 2nd day! But as it turns out, some others were even later than me... and since it's a small company they said they're ok with us being a few minutes late. *Whew!* Thank God for small companies!

By the time I come back from work though, I'm really super pooped. But for some reason, it makes me want to pray more, I guess because I know I need that 'recharge' after work that somehow I get from praying. So I took a little time out after I came back today to just ask God to help me be smart in knowing how to deal with troublesome kids when I start my classes, and to be a good instructor (who knows what I'm talking about), and for things to remain good between me and my colleagues, coz' thank God they're all pretty nice people. All in all, I think I am really blessed to be where I am, so much that the horrible jams really aren't that big a deal.

One cute thing about the job is that all the Mad Science instructors have to come up with their own Mad Scientist names, which are of course funny names that the children can remember easily. Most of the people who've worked here before, from what I heard, chose names that invoke a sense of 'madness' about the instructor, like Crazy Mary, or Dr. Looney, or Wacky Vicky (I like that one!). Some of the instructors still here choose shortened forms of their own names like JJ. So I had to whrack my brains to come up with a good name for myself. The easiest choice, I wanted to be really 'mad', would be Crazy Carol.... but that's just too unoriginal, and I feel that I don't want any 'crazy'-like words in my name coz' I don't really want kids to think all scientists are nutcases. And certainly, even though I am a bit nuts sometimes, I don't think I'm nuts enough to play the role of a 'crazy' person all the time. And certainly I don't want to either. Just way too unnatural! :P

But according to the policy manual I read, instructors can choose 'scientific words' to put in their Mad Science names, eg. Electron Erica or Polymer Paula, which I think is a better idea than making myself sound like a kooky scientist although of course, it would still come out sounding quite corny. So I thought and thought of what would be a nice scientific word to go with my name. I considered Cosmic Carol, Complex Carol and Chemical Carol.... but then finally decided to go for Corona Carol, firstly because it sounds pretty cool, and secondly, because of it's inherent meaning. Of course, most kids wouldn't know what the heck a corona is, but I would naturally explain it to them. A corona is the outermost layer of the sun's atmosphere, which forms coloured circles around the sun and is the only part that can be seen during a total eclipse of the sun. So basically, it's part of the sun, and I would just explain to the kids that I like to be a sunny, happy person, so that's why I choose the name. :Þ But when I think about it, there are several other inherent spiritual meanings for myself (which I won't tell the kids, of course, but it's just for myself to remember). Bible says Christians are to be the 'salt' and LIGHT to the world', which is to say, try to follow God's commandments and impact the people around us in a positive way, that may hopefully even lead them to Christ. Of course, the sun is the main source of light for the planet, without which nothing can survive. Also, the corona is the only part of the sun visible during a total eclipse... which is to say, in complete darkness, the corona is the only light. And also the corona is part is part of the sun, which sounds like the Son... ie. Son of God. In essense, for me, it would a reminder that I am a Christian and Jesus should still be the bigger part of my life, and that I should try to be the 'light in the darkness' in my workplace and in class by upholding godly principles and showing love to the people around me, especially the kids. Ceh wah? Is that like, super corny or what? :Þ Of course, it ain't a easy thing to live by, but I think I do wanna start off in my work reminding myself of that, and it's nice to have a funky new name that serves as a reminder to myself..... even though it IS super corny. But ah well, part and parcel of the job so what to do? :Þ Might as well make it meaningful lah!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Work problems...and I haven't even started yet!

I went to see my new boss at Mad Science yesterday to discuss my work details and of course, to sign my contract. He was really good at explaining all the details and really does seem like a nice and easy going guy to work with. Spent aboout a couple of hours at the office just taking in all the details and asking all sorts of questions about the job. There also happened to be a birthday party going on later that where another Mad Science instructor was doing a show for the kids, so my boss asked me if I was interested in going along to looksee and get an idea of how things were done there. I said ok, and it turned out to be pretty much as interesting and fun as I expected. Everytime the 'mad scientist' did something fascinating all the kids would go "Oooooh!" and "Waaaah!". So cute. :Þ I ended up helping out a bit when it came to giving them slime to play with, as I had to help some kids mix the slime up properly to a nice texture. Trust me, it's as gross as it sounds, and I got my hands very slimified!

I didn't stay until the end of the party though, as I had to meet my parents, my bro and sister-in-law and my uncle and aunt for a Father's Day dinner at Asia Cafe. My parents already know about my my job, and thank God they are pretty ok with it, but I was pretty hesitant about telling my other relatives about it coz' I was expecting negative reactions. My eldest bro and uncle aren't exactly known for mild-temperaments or tactfulness too, so even though I kinda wanted to tell them about my new job, I just pretty much avoided it. I did, however, tell my sis-in-law while everyone else was off ordering food, and then later on, she nicely went and announced to my bro that I was starting work on Monday. And of course, that got the ball rolling and everyone was asking me about my new job. And as I expected, when I explained it them, I got negative reactions from my uncle and bro. My bro just gave me a funny look like I'm nuts and when he asked whether the job actually requires a person with a degree and I said no, he just rolled his eyes or something (although I am getting paid pretty high because of my degree, but he didn't bother to register that detail). My uncle started going on and on about how I need to get a job related to my field of study because if I continue during something unrelated, later on if I want to continue on with research or work in my field of study, I can't. Which is true, but the thing he didn't quite care to hear was that I'm not really that interested in research or work in my particularly field as compared to the job I have now. And I can learn other skills in this job that can help me to apply for other jobs in the future, like business skills. But when I told him that, he just retorted that I should've just learned business then. Man, I think steam was really coming out of my head at that point, and I just gave up trying to explain my point of view to him coz' he just wasn't going to listen anyway.

The way I see it, just because I have a degree (or two degrees, in my case) in a certain field does not mean I can ONLY work in that field and nothing else. I mean, my second bro in the US studied electrical engineering and even got a masters in it. But now, he's working in the IT field, and making good money for it! Nobody ever got on his case about not becoming as engineer. And I know other people who get their degrees and end up doing work that can be completely unrelated, like one girl I know who did Biotech and ended up working in logistics. Sure, if everyone were to do the same thing as do work completely unrelated to their studies, then some people would argue that they wasted their time in uni studying and getting their degrees.... which may be true if a degree holder decides to do work in which he/she is paid grossly less than what they would get if they had gone into a field they were qualified for. I mean, what's the point of paying through your nose (or your parent's nose) for a degree if all you wanna be is a lorry driver or something silly thing like that? But if they are still getting paid the same in some a different field as if they were in their field, as is the case for me, then what is the problem? And uni certainly wasn't a waste of time for me. If I hadn't gotten my degrees, I definitely wouldn't be starting off with the salary of a fresh graduate.

The way I see it, most students go to uni just because their parents have drilled it into their heads that they need to go to uni, study hard, and get good results so that they can get good jobs and get good money. Most students have no idea what they want in life. Maybe a few will be certain early on of what they want to be when they 'grow up', but for the most part, young people just do what they 'think' they are interested in, or are 'coerced' into doing what their parents want them to study. The ultimate goal is, get good job and make good money. If they succeed, everyone oughtta happy. I got a good job, and I will be making pretty good money, and potentially more money if I do really well. I will also be learning some other skills that would be helpful to me in the future, and I think I would be much better at than if I got stuck in a job related to my field, being bored out of my mind in a research lab everyday (and probably taking forveer to move up the career ladder). Plus, I'm probably gonna love my job, which is something not many fresh graduates thrown out into the working work for the first time can say. And I have opportunities for quick promotions coz' it's a small but expanding company with plenty of potential. So I really don't see why my uncle has to get on my case. But anyway, I'm happy that at least my parents support me, and even my mum stood up for me and told them to 'shut up' with the criticisms. Yay for mum! :D

Of course, there are issues a plenty to debate, but right now I haven't got the time coz' I need to get to bed. Tomorrow is my first day at work! :D

Saturday, June 17, 2006

From a jobless bum to a mad scientist :D

I finally got a job!!! Woo hooooo!!!! And the reason for the unusually high number of exclaimation marks is because it's a job I think I will enjoy very VERY much, and do very well in, AND the salary and perks for a fresh grad like me are pretty darn good! My only gripe is that the office is almost 45 minutes away from my home without jam (so imagine how long it will take in early morning traffic. Bleh!), but oh well, can't have it all. Unfortunately, it wasn't the Management Trainee job at Cadbury, coz' for some reason or another they never got round to calling me back after first round of interviews. I was calling them up every week for the past month to see if I was shortlisted or not, and the person who interviewed me would always say the HR manager was away on business and couldn't look through the resumes for shortlisting yet. And she would also say she would call me the following week to let me know, but never did. This week, after not hearing from her again, I gave up calling her back.

Luckily I had been applying for other jobs recently and last Wednesday I applied for a very interesting job I saw on the JobsandMore website. It was for the position of Instructor for a company called Mad Science, which basically does science presentations to primary school kids in a fun and interesting way. They do it as after-school extra-curricular activities, or at birthday parties, camps, special functions, and so on. It sounded fun and suitable for me coz' it involved teaching kids, science and entertaining, all of which I love doing. So I just applied for it from the website, and the next day already I had someone from the company call me up and ask me in for an interview. So to do some research on the company first (always good to know more in-depth about the company where you going for a job interview...learned that from previous interviews! Makes a good impression if you can spout some company background... ;)) I checked out the Mad Science website and it looked pretty impressive. And then I also checked out the careers section, which has a video showing what my job would be all about. And I do have to say... it looked like so much fun!!!! So I was very interested in the job by then.

The first time I went to see them wasn't really an interview per se coz' the director who was supposed to interview me couldn't make it there last weekend. So I only spoke to another instructor, who basically just told me what the job was about in more detail. So I had to wait another week for the director to come in, coz' apparently he's not usually around, away doing other businesses and on trips. And I just went for the REAL interview today, met up with the boss, who seems like a real nice and easy going kinda guy. I didn't really have to crack my head to come up with impressive answers to his questions during the interview coz' from my CV and what I told him about myself, he thought I was very suitable for the job. He even said he thinks I have a lot of potential in playing a major role in the company, as it's still a small but growing company in Malaysia. Whoa, how often do you get a comment like THAT in an interview?? And he also asked if I was willing to learn more about the business side of the company in the future, if I prove myself to be really good, to which I of course said yes. Being involved in business means potentially being in management. Management means more money and more perks. Money and perks are good. Sign me up, baby. :Þ Of course, I didn't quite say it like that....

So at the end of it, he said he would have to confer about me with another company director and then call me back later today to give me an offer that would be "attractive" to me.... and when I did get the call, the offer was indeed quite attractive, so I definitely took the job. And now I am sort-of officially no longer a jobless bum (sort-of coz' I haven't signed the contract yet)! And I'm so happy!!! I got a job I think I'd really enjoy and the pay isn't crap! I am so blessed!!! Thank you God thank you God thank you God!!!!! Tomorrow I see my new boss again to discuss my work in detail, and also, I presume, to sign the work contract. Goody goody gumdrops. :Þ How often do you hear someone excited to go to work, eh? Thank you God thank you God thank you God!!!!!

Another minor issue though, is the exasperating part of telling people what I work as when they ask. It's gonna be so funny telling people that I work as a 'Mad Scientist'! And everyone's gonna have some preconceived ideas of what weird stuff I'm doing. My mum already thinks I'm working as a 'clown' with Albert Einstein hair, and some other people I've told ask if I have to wear weird spinning glasses and a lab coat saying 'Mad Scientist'. Well, I'm pretty sure I don't have to do any of that... except for the "Mad Scientist' lab coat. :Þ But it would be kinda troublesome to explain that it's not just fun and games, but it's also a franchise business, so I would be learning some business skills as well. One of it's major businesses is to work with other companies to get sponsorship for products. One example I read on the website is that when they teach about sun protection, they get a sunblock company to sponsor products, which generates publicity for the sponsor's products, which of course pays Mad Science for the publicity. So it's not just about 'clowning' around and entertaining the kids, but also making the business grow in Malaysia. And since the company isn't that big in Malaysia yet, I'm thinking I really could help it develop a lot and become one of the top people in this company one day. Oohlala. Top person means more money and perks. Money and perks is good. :) Ok, I think we all got that part clear....

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Lessons from a spyware attack

I guess everyone on my email contact list already knows this, but my laptop was recently flooded with truckload of spyware, viruses and God knows what other nasty computer stuff. It all started when I was playing this game on MSN called Insaniquarium, which has a free version and downloadable enhanced version. I played the free version, and couldn't get enough of it, so I downloaded the enhanced version, which costs $19.99, but allows one hour of free trial playing. Thing is, once it started, the game went on for as long as I was playing it, and I knew once I stopped I wouldn't be able to continue. So yours truly, the nutcase, spent one whole night playing the game until like 5 o' clock in the morning, before my eyes were shot and my hand was numb from holding the mouse so long. This is what happens when you're a jobless bum like me with too much free time (but I do have an interesting job propect, which I'll blabber about later on). Anyway, I had to eventually stop playing and shut down, but I so wanted to finish off the game, and I had the bright idea of trying to get a registration key off some other website. Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm such a cheapskate. That's what you get for growing up in Malaysia where everything is pirated and people don't wanna pay through their nose for original stuff. But hey $19.99, is like probably almost RM80 or some crazy price like that... and I don't have a credit card to pay for it anyway. Haha, excuses, excuses *Carol kicks herself*. Anyway, I did look around, downloaded some dodgy stuff from dodgy website and before I knew it, all these alerts were popping up all over the place saying my comp had been infected with all sorts of nonsense, particularly spyware.

So after another night of desperately trying to figure out how to fix the problem, I decided that the safest thing to do was to just reformat my C drive and get rid of those things once and for all. Luckily, my comp has nothing really important on it that hackers would reaally care about since it's not used for business and I don't have any credit card info on it (as I don't HAVE any credit card. Haha, the upside of being too poor to get a credit card. :Þ). The only thing I was worried about was hackers using my email to send viruses and other nonsense to people on my contact list, hence my nice warning email to everyone on my list. So I transferred all my important documents, pics, music, whatever, to my home desktop, read up really well on reformatting drives, before I let 'er rip. And now I'm typing this on my freshly reformated and hopefully nonsense free laptop.

Actually I'm kinda glad this happened, even though it took me so many hours to get everything installed and running again, coz' it was a good learning experience. Of course, first of all, I learned not to download stuff from dodgy websites (actually, I already knew, but since I never had any serious problems like this before, I was like "What the heck!"). I also had to learn how reformat a drive, reinstall Windows, and all stuff. And since I don't want my laptop to experience another spyware attack again, I did a lot of research on my desktop on what good programs I can download to protect my laptop. And I found out there're actually a lot of good antivirus programs on the net like AVG, BitDefender and Avast. I'm using AVG now, which I hear is pretty good, and takes up way less space than Norton. When I installed Norton before, it really slowed down my comp! And it didn't help when my comp got flooded with all that nonsense. It just kept flashing popups, saying my comp was infected. I was like "Yeah Norton, I know very well my comp is infected, so fix it already!". Haha, of course, I know I can't expect an antivirus program to remove spyware, but it was just so annoying... There's also software like Spyware Blaster, Spybot and Ad-Aware that protects the comp from spyware and adware. And I also decided to use Mozilla Firefox as my internet browser from now on instead of Internet Explorer, coz' I learned that spyware and other crap can get into my comp just by browsing a dodgy website using Internet Explorer, which easily affect Windows coz' IE is integrated into Windows. But that doesn't happen with Firefox coz' it's not integrated, and it's quite secure. So I actually was forced to learn a lot of helpful stuff about protecting my comp, which I never really bothered about before. Yay! And the best part is all the software I mentioned earlier are all FREE! Double yay! Free is good! Good is free! :Þ Of course, my desire for free stuff is what got my into this problem in the first place, so maybe free is not always good.... Haha! *Carol kicks herself again*.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Blogging during the opening game?? How could I???

As I write this, the opening match for the World Cup is going on and approximately half of the human population is in maximum "Gila Bola" mode. By half, I mean almost all of the guys in the world, and quite a few "gila bola" girls as wells. And among those "gila bola" people is Gerald, so I'm expecting to be boyfriendless again for the next one month. :Þ Haha, no lar. I don't think he's that nuts about football and he won't be glued to his tv watching the Sports channels everyday. According to him anyway. I'll find out soon enough. ^_^.

Of course, I'm probably one of the lucky gals. There will be dunno how many millions of married womens or girlfriends in the world who will be getting in touch with singledom again while their men gather together every night to cheer for their teams and stuff themselves with miscellaneous, unhealthy junk food. It seems, from what I read in the papers, that the problem is so bad, domestic tiffs increase and the number of couples that go for marriage counselling during or after (mostly after) the World Cup rises significantly. And the problem doesn't just affect the women-folk, but employers too, as the number of workers who come down with some mysterious ailments rises significantly during the World Cup as well. Hence, they take sick leave, which lower work productivity. Those men who don't take sick leave stay up so late to watch the matches, they are too blurry eyed the next day to think straight at work, which lowers work productivity even more. And then because the men aren't pulling their own weight at work, the working women get indignant at not getting equal 'time off', so they slack off as well to make things fair, thus lowering work productivity even more. So I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of companies, especially in Asia where our time zones are such that all live matches happen super late at night, will be on the verge of bankcrupcy by the time the Word Cup is over.

The only companies that won't be going bankcrupt will be those smart enough to cash in on the footy season, the most conventional method being selling football paraphernalia or collectibles. But then there are some REALLY innovative people who come up with interesting ways of cashing in. For example, some tour companies create special holiday packages for "Football Widows" to go away somewhere on their own and enjoy life while their hubbies are no longer performing their manly responsibilities at home. Even priests and religious leaders are gonna be busy, giving counselling to bereaved football fans whose teams lose a game. Seriously, I am not making this stuff up! I find it interesting to read that football is practically a religion in some countries. I wouldn't be surprised if there are people out there who have football altars in their homes and worship the ball everyday, giving offerings or something like that. :Þ

And then there are people like me who could happily sleep right through every single match of the World Cup. And I'm wondering, with so many people all hyped up about football, should I at least take some time to watch the big matches so I won't be so blur when my friends (and boyfriend) talks about the games, or should I just go "To heck with it" and continue on doing my own thing. I'm leaning more towards the latter. But who knows, maybe every now and then when I'm bored, I'll just switch on the t.v. and watch a bit a football game. But since I don't know anything about any teams, the one I'd support would be the team with the hottest guys. :D

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sad final X-Men movie...

*WARNING! This blog entry contains spoilers for the movie X-Men 3: The Last Stand". If you haven't watched it and you plan to watch it and don't want to know what's going to happen, then do not read this any further. I repeat, do NOT read this blog entry any further. I'm warning you. Don't say I didn't warn you. You sure you wanna read this? You really, REALLY sure??? This is your last chance! Turn your eyes away now! Read the last entry....or go to another site....go...shoo...scram! Unless of course you've already watched the movie or don't give a rat's behind what happened in it, in which case, read right on!*

I dunno about all the other X-Men fans in the world out there, but the lates installment of the X-Men movie trilogy has left me..... blinking in disbelief. I can't say I'm a super huge fan of X-Men, but it's one of those cartoons I grew up watching and enjoyed to the point where I grew fond of some of the characters. And of course, everyone who knows X-Men knows Professor X... the guy who's the leader and mentor to all the 'good' mutants. The guy who pressed on with his dream of harmony between mutants and humans. The guy whom everyone at the X Mansion looked up to and respected. The kind of character that would be sacrilegeous to kill off. And yet they did it. They killed off Professor X. And there wasn't even a body or anything. He just went kind of went "Poof" and turned into dust coz' Jean Grey/ Phoenix decided she'd had enough of him. When I saw that, I was thinking that that couldn't be 'it'. No body? Not even any blood? Huh? And throughout the rest of the movie I was hoping that somehow, someway, Phoenix would turn good and somehow or another put Prof X back together and he would be alive again.... but didn't happen. So I'm still in disbelief. I dunno why. It's not like I was such a big fan of him.... I guess when I saw that scene, I imagined something like that happening to someone close to me who was a mentor.... so I can imagine how heart-wrenching it would've been for Storm and the other X-Men. Yeah, yeah, I know it's all fictional, but it was still so like... "sakit hati", man.... Plus, the guy who plays Prof X is Patrick Steward who played Captain Picard on Star Trek last time, and that used to be one of my favourite shows too. So it was kinda like watching Prof X AND Captain Picard going "Poof". Yikes! So sad.... I'm still hoping that they come up with X-Men 4 and miraculously bring him back to life....coz' I really can't imagine X-Men without Professor X. Cyclops dies, not a problem. Jean Grey dies, still ok. But not Prof X! Not that I liked that Cyclops and Jean Grey got killed off too. Poor Cyclops. Didn't even get to see any action in this movie, coz' he went "Poof" pretty early on. And poor Jean Grey too, but her death in the end was justified seeing how she was probably going to make the whole world goo "Poof" if Wolverine hadn't killed her. But still sad lah, seeing so many main characters die off like that. And even more sad that Magneto lost his powers and became a normal old human guy playing chess in the park. And more more sad that Mystique and Rogue got a shot of that 'anti-mutant gene' serum and got turned into humans. I don't care so much about Mystique lah, but Rogue? I loved Rogue in the cartoons coz' she was all funky with the cool hairdo and raspy voice, and she could fly and was super strong. She was basically the tomboy of the X-Men, and enjoyed using her powers (except for the whole not-being-able-to-touch-people-without-killing-them-or-sucking-their-powers part). But in the movies, she was sooooo wimpy-like and hung up about her problem with touching people. She couldn't yet fly and she wasn't super strong. And before she got round to developing those powers, she goes off and gets the serum just so she can become human and get it on with Iceman. Yaaaaarrrgh! *Carol bangs head against the wall* Why did they have to do that to my favourite X-Girl? Why, oh why?? And she's not even supposed to be with Iceman anyway. She's supposed to be with Gambit... who's a complete no show in the X-Men movies. Sacrilegeous!

Oh well, I certainly can't say the movie wasn't entertaining though. It had a lotta cool action and the plot was interesting, and it definitely kept me at the edge of my seat. I'm just sad at what happened in the movie. And I'm sure there are plenty of other X-Maniacs out there who have gripes about the movies. But ah well, it's just a silly fictitious movie... :P

My weekend in Malacca

Good grief, my blog has had over 2000 hits already? Since when did that happen? Haha, me thinks that there a lot of people out there reading my blog and I have no idea who they are coz they don't make their presence known (ie. the 'lurkers')....I just found out one of my old Malay secondary school friends whom I haven't seen since I left school is one of my blog 'lurkers'. I bumped into her today in KL on the way back home from the bus station, and as soon as I said I just came back from Malacca, she knew I went to see my bf... whom she knew about from my blog. Hmm... interesting. Makes me wonder how many other 'lurkers' there are out there reading my nonsense. Ah well, serves me right for making my bloggy so public. Anyway, might as well say a big HI to my old friend.... :) and also sorry if any of my nonsense here was offensive in any way. :Þ

Anyway, as I had just mentioned, I went to Malacca over the weekend as I had no taekwondo class and nothing else on this weekend, and I just came back today. As we've already been to most of the interesting places in Malacca like the zoo, and I couldn't be bothered to visit museums, Gerald and I just enjoyed hanging out at shopping malls and eating Malacca food. I stuffed myself with chicken rice balls again...but not from the shop selling really good chicken rice balls coz' the shop was super full of people from Singapore and KL and Johor and God knows where else, who all came to Malacca for the school holidays. So we had to settle for the not-so-good chicken rice ball shop. Dang, those tourists. Don't they have anything better to eat? Well anyway, I also got to hang out more with Gerald's family and meet his bro who just came from Singapore as well. We got along pretty well and I enjoyed chatting with his mum and bro. So I don't see any potential monster-in-laws so far! :Þ Kakakaka....I think I'd better shut up now before a certain someone comes all the way from Malacca to give me an earful.... Oh yeah, we also went to an arcade at Mahkota Parade, where I challenged him to a shooting game. Wanted to play my fav shooting game, which is Point Blank, but they didn't have it there. What a bummer. So we went for Time Crisis 2 instead. And Gerald is 'pretty' good....but only coz' he's probably played the game like a gazillion times and knows which bad guys are gonna pop out from where and when. No fair for someone like me who hardly ever plays the game. :Þ But nevermind, I still showed him a thing or two.... Bwahahahaha! Ok, now I'd REALLY better shut up or else he'll not just give me an earful, but a whipping.... We also went to watch X-Men 3... which I shall blabber more about later on coz' I don't wanna spoil it for those who haven't watched it.

So now I'm back to good ol' Subang, and back to marking more papers and looking for a job coz' once this week is over and I'm done with my marking, I am officially a jobless bum. Those Cadbury people still haven't called me back for a second interview. I called them up last week, and apparently it's because the HR Manager was away on a trip and couldn't finalise the shortlisted candidates. Dangnabbit, I wish they'd get back to me soon. I wanna that job!