Thursday, April 21, 2005

Must..get away...from....t.v.....

It's almost two months into the semester and the deadlines are coming on like a charging mad bull, and I still don't feel much of the stress just yet. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but I'm pretty sure if I spent more time doing something productive instead of vegetating in front of the tube, I should be ok. Luckily there's not really much that I wanna watch these days except American Idol, Lost and CSI. I'm wondering when Scott Savol (the fat guy) will get kicked from AI. He's getting cocky and he's not half as good a singer as everyone else. I think the only reason he's still around is coz' the overweight and obese population of the US want to support him and break that stigma that only pole-thin people can make it in the entertainment industry. And knowing the severity of obesity in US, there'd plenty of people to support him. Heh. I'm rather disappointed in Anwar though. I thought he was the best during the first few weeks, but now he's getting a little crappy. And Constantine is just getting better and better, and though he's not the best singer of the bunch, me thinks he'll probably win coz' all the girls are falling like flies for him. Anyway, I think AXN is trying to kill us with CSI overload now with the original series, then CSI:Miami and now CSI: New York. I'm not too hot about the Miami and NY series though, coz' the characters always act so cool and detached from everything. It's like they have no personality...just get in there, solve the case, end of show. The original show is the best, coz' at least they focus more on the characters' personalities and their problems, and they know how to add a bit of humour in the shows. Seems more real to me, I guess.
Ah well, you know Carol's bored when she starts talking about t.v. shows.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Some very subtle hints....

One more thing I remembered I should try to do, or rather, NOT do, if I ever become a parent. I should never ever compare my kids to one another and constantly tell Kid A how great and responsible and well-behaved his or her sibling, Kid B, is, especially if I'm not giving Kid A his or her due praise. If I ever do that, I'll bang my head against the wall. It's so annoying. Feels like the parent is treating the kid like second class citizen coz' the kid doesn't rub the parent the right way. In fact, I'm even considering not having kids. And if I do, it'll be two max. Not only coz' I don't wanna play the role of the annoying mum one day to some poor unfortunate soul, but also coz' it seems to me that the world is already pretty messed up as it is, and I'd feel bad bringing some poor kid into this dastardly place and force him/her to deal with annoying people like me. Kakaka. Also coz' the world is overpopulated and at the rate we're going, there're be no more land for us to grow food and we'll starve to death eventually someday.
By the way, for anyone who's in a relationship and that relationship has problems, I hope you sit down and talk about it instead of ignoring it and thinking it'll all go away and get better. Especially when your partner is bugging you to talk about it, and you don't give him/her the answers he/she needs. This is particularly for the guys who are so afraid of hurting their girl if they tell the truth, like if you think it's not working out and all and you wanna break off. Coz' girls tend to be quite imaginative, and if you don't tell them these things straight out, they start thinking all sort of nonsense and getting emotional and crying in all the inappropriate places. Unless they're one of those girls who really don't give a damn, but those are few and far between. So yeah, don't think you're doing girls any favours keeping us wondering like that. Be a man and tell it straight.
And if you're one of those guys who fool girls into thinking you like them just to get them into bed then dumping them after, especially when you already have a girlfriend (who likes you for God knows WHAT reason), they I'm not sorry to say that you just deserve a kick in the @ss. I would say a lot more worse things than that, but this blog is rated 'U'.
Oh, and if you're one of those people who want something someone else has but can't get it, and then goes around telling lies about that person to try and get what you want, then you oughtta get a life. Coz' people will see through the real you and will see the real person you're lying about, and then you're not only going to never get what you want, but lose face to the people you lied to. Ha. Ha. HA. :P

Just some subtle hints of the things that have been bugging me lately.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Cockroach for dinner...Yum!

A couple of days ago I was on the ground floor of my apartment when I saw this little cat chasing a cockroach around. I'd seen that cat just the days was a scrawning looking grey-coloured thing that was pretty small sized but didn't have the cute little kitten look so I think it must've been older. It had these really mean looking "don't-mess-with-me" kinda eyes, but even so I still played with the little bugger the first time I saw it. But the second time I saw it, chasing around that cockroach, I just stood by for at least 5 minutes, watching the spectacle. The cockroach was obviously already a bit weak from fighting with the cat, so it didn't fly away. Every time it tried to crawl away, the cat wuld pounce on it, pick it up in its teeth, swing it around and paw at the little critter. Each time, the cockroach would prick the cat's mouth or something, making it drop the cockroach like a hot potato. But the cat persevered and kept picking it up and doing the same thing. The whole time I was just standing a few steps away, watching with my eyes wide open and my face kinda screwed up in a grossed out manner. I never thought I'd say this, but I actually felt sorry for the cockroach!
Eventually, the cockroach finally died, and for the grand finale, the cat ripped its body off its head and exoskeleton, and proceeded to enjoy its hard earned dinner.
Animal Planet doesn't get any better than this....