Saturday, April 14, 2012


Today I told my mother that I'm afraid of getting married because I'm afraid if becoming like my parents who are constantly at loggerheads at each other. My mum actually said she's perfectly happy if I never get married for the same reason. I think that ranks pretty high one of the most emotionally deflating things a mother could ever say. The second being that whenever they argue, I have no right to my opinion on the matter, I'm just supposed to sit back and shut up while they fight about silly things. If I do say anything may be supportive of one parent or the other, apparently it's being disrespectful.

I should seriously consider moving out of this house one day.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Work overloaded

Times are gettin a bit crazy for me at work. This week I was in Indonesia, then immediately going to Vietnam the following week, and for most of the week of April I am booked to go somewhere overseas. Not to mention I am pretty drowning in reports to finish and the only way anything can be done is if I work into the night. I suppose I can really complain, plenty of people I know have worked under similar situations before and I guess now my time has come to be one of the regular midnight oil burners. Just wondering how long exactly I can work like this before I reach my limit. I continue to be amazed at colleagues of mine who have just as much work or more so and yet have families to take care of too. I'm supposed to be considered 'lucky' because I'm still single. However, the way I'm going now, I would not be surprised if I spend so much time working/travelling for work that before I know it I'm a sad old spinster with money yet regretting not having enjoyed a proper social life. Sorry, just felt like spouting a bit of blahness.

I'm operating on 4 hours of sleep at continuing to work now at 10.30pm Indonesian time (that's 11.30pm Malaysian time), even though tomorrow morning I gotta get up early to take the great 6 hour drive back to Padang airport. From there will fly to Jakarta, and from Jakarta to KL, and by the time I arrive in KL tomorrow, it'll be past 9.30am and I have a 6.30am flight Monday morning to Vietnam. At least my company was good enough to book me a hotel near the airport so I don't have to go all the way home and back out again. And I'm glad I make it a habit to pack extra clothes and stuff, just in case (also helpful that the client in Indonesia has a domestic help to wash my laundry for me).

Okie, back to work.