Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My celebrity look-alikes

Modern technology has produced yet another incredibly useful program to help make our lives just a wee bit more interesting... a celebrity lookalike finder! And of course, itchified little me just had to find out which famous celebs look like me... and here are the results!

Well, honestly, I haven't heard of any these people except for Hayden Panettiere, who's the invincible chick in the new series Heroes. But they all look pretty, so I'm cool with it. :D I quite like the chick with the red hair, BoA. Wonder if I would look good in that hair colour!

Well, being even more itchified, I decided to test how precise this program was by throwing several different angles of my profile to see whether I would still look like the same celebrities. The answer is no.

The only two celebs who still share my similarities are Zoe Tay and BoA. And apparently I also have a strikingly similar appearance to Chow Yun Fatt. How quaint. I also share a 90% similar appearance to Joey Yung, whom I've never heard of before. But she also looks pretty hot, so I guess if I were to look like anybody famous, I wouldn't mind looking like that! So how about if looking at me from the opposite angle?

Now I look the most like Shu Qi! Hmm... and Joey Yung appears again, but this time I share the lowest percentage of similar appearance to her (68%). Miriam Yeung appears a second time too, also sharing 74% similarity (same as the first time!) And for the third time round, Zoe Tay appears again. Is she supposed to be my long-lost twin or something?

Then I wondered what would happen if I tried the pouty look. Maybe I could look something like Angelina Jolie or Jessica Alba. And once again, itchified Carol decided to try it out, and here are the results:

Hey I look most similar to some Japanese dude!

Well, perhaps the wonders of modern technology isn't all that it's cracked out to be. Hah!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Little bundles of joy for CNY!

The day has arrived... the day of a new beginning... the day that Carol is no longer just 'Carol jie jie'... for now she is to be called..... AUNTY!!!! AAIIIIEEE!!!

Ok, ok, so it's gonna take my baby niece at least 2 or 3 more years before she can talk and start calling me Aunty Carol. But she's finally here... my eldest bro's wife gave birth on the 13th of February, 3 days ago, to a beauoooootiful baby girl named Elizabeth Ann Ng. My sis-in-law was in Sunway Medical Centre on Tuesday morning and they had the surgery around 11am-ish. I had a class to teach that day, so I couldn't get to the hospital til around 6pm. Which was good anyway, coz' visiting hours are from 6 to 8pm, so I couldn't have seen her earlier anyway.

Well, enough of blabbering. Here's some pics of the young un!

That's my mum cooing over her first grandchild. The baby doesn't seem so interested though. :P

That's my eldest bro, who kinda has that "Whoa, I can't believe this is my kid!" look on his face!

That's big bro with his wife a.k.a. new mummy of cute little baby!

My folks and I with the young un....

Aunty Carol with baby Elizabeth.... (ack, I feel so old...)

And that's everyone plus my sis-in-law's family.

Of course, Elizabeth isn't the only new addition to my family. As I said in my last post, I suspected that my gerbils were pregnant... and the day after I made that post (which was Monday, the day just before Elizabeth was born) my gerbil mummy gave birth to five pups of her own! Yay!

Sadly, the next day, I came home to find that one of the pups had died. :( I had taken a pic of them on the first day, and noticed that the one that died was unusually black inside it's body. So I guess something was already wrong with it, and couldn't survive. But the other four pups are doing fine now. They all look like tiny blind furless rubbery things...hardly bigger than the width of my one finger. And all they could do the first couple of days was roll around in the bedding and squeak a lot. Now, after four days, some of them can crawl around a little. One of them is smaller than the others, so I'm wondering if it's getting enough milk. Hopefully it does well.

Well, here's some pics of the little buggers too!

And just in case you were wondering what the adult gerbils looked like, well, they're pretty much glorified rats. :P Here's a pic of Girl Girl, the big mummy!

This black fella is Coffee, who is Girl Girl son and also the new daddy. *Ahem* Naughty fella!
And the third wheel is Honey, who is Girl Girl's daughter, and also Coffee's sister.

And this is them having a threesome. LOL. I'm just so sick.

They're all so close, even Honey helps to take care of the new babies. It's quite sweet to watch. Coffee and Honey will help to keep the kids warm and lick them clean when mummy gerbil is taking a break.

Well, hopefully all my gerbil babies and my niece grow up strong and healthy and happy. What a way to start my Chinese New Year!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Too many babies!

In a couple of days, I'm gonna be an aunt!!! Woo hoo! My brother's wife is pregnant and the baby is almost due, so they're going into hospital for a Cesarean this Tuesday. The ultrasound showed that it's gonna be a girl, so I'm gonna have a little niece in two days. And they're gonna name her Elizabeth. EEEEeee.... before this when kids called me 'aunty', I could just tell them off and make them called me 'jie jie'. Now I can't run away... I really am gonna be an aunty! Yaaarrgh!!!! Ah well, life goes on.

I'm gonna be an 'aunty' in another way too. I don't think I've ever mentioned it on my blog before, but I've been keeping some pet gerbils since end of last year. For those who have no idea what gerbils are, they're pretty much glorified rats...but cuter and they don't bite. One of my colleagues bought a female gerbil last year, and named her 'Girl Girl' (yes, I know it's the most unoriginal name on the planet). Anyway, it turns out that she was pregnant, so out popped two young uns... one female we called Honey and another slightly darker male whom we named Coffee. But then my colleague migrated to New Zealand coz' he got a job offer there, so he left the gerbil family to me. So now Honey and Coffee are all grown up... and I suspect Coffee has been getting it on with the ladies, so now Girl Girl is pregnant again! At least, it looks like it. And I dunno how many young uns are gonna pop out this time, but I sure hope it won't be too many coz' my little box can't fit so many gerbils! I do have another cage, which I can throw Honey inside once the babies are born, so that the mum and dad can take care of their kiddies. Or I could be wrong and Girl Girl isn't actually pregnant...which I hope is the case. If not, I'm gonna have to start home hunting for the little critters.

So along that train of thought, anyone wanna adopt some gerbils? Like I said, they don't bite (much) and they're pretty cute to watch. You'd need to buy your own cage though. :P Oh yeah, I've been working on an online photo album to put my pics too. It's at And I have some pics of my gerbils there, so you guys can check it out. :) Will probably have some pics of my baby niece and my baby gerbils up there soon, so keep in tune!

Over-rated V-Day

Valentine's Day is coming... the day when couples go all out to buy flowers and chocolates for their lovers and blow half of their month's salary on dinner at some superbly expensive restaurant, while the singles get together with other singles to mourn their singlehood OR go out to party so that they're in denial about their singlehood OR sit at home watching reruns of tacky romantic comedies starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

For every year before this, I was in the latter group. Well, I didn't go out with other singles to mourn my singlehood, or party like mad or watch sappy romantic comedies... but Valentine's Day was just like any other day to me. I'd do whatever I had to do the whole day, go home, surf some net, and go to bed. Same ol', same ol'.

However, this year is special, coz' this year I'm no longer in singledom. I'm actually in a serious relationship! So how is Valentine's Day gonna be different for me this year???

Well, probably not gonna be much different. Coz' for one thing, we live 2 hours apart and no one designated V-Day as a national holiday, so superbly expensive dinner , flowers and chocolates are out of the question coz' we still have to work. But even if we could see each other, I wouldn't be much into all that stuff anyway. I tend to agree with a lot of people (most of which are probably singles who wanna make themselves feel better. :P) who think V-Day is over-rated and too commercialised. I mean, people can show their love to their loved ones on the other 364 days (365 if it's a leap year) ... but is everyone so eager to splurge on this one specific day of February the 14th, when the price of flowers skyrocket and fancy restaurants get fully booked. Why lar? Flowers can buy anytime what... and I would probably appreciate flowers more if I got them out of the blue on any other day, rather than on V-Day, just coz' everyone else does it. But I also don't see much point in buying flowers, coz' not only are they superbly expensive, but they also die after a couple of days. So if the flowers are supposed to say "I love you", does it mean that once they die, the love dies too? :P And those heart-shaped stuffed pillows and other trinkets are usually left to sit somewhere and collect dust. Yeah well, obviously yours truly is not much of a hopeless romantic. If anything, I'd much prefer chocolates. They serve the much more useful purpose of satisfying my palate, at least.

Don't get me wrong. It's not that that I like don't appreciate such romantic gestures. If my boyfriend wants to buy me cute little lovey dovey trinkets to show his affection for me, I would certainly appreciate it. It's just that I don't need him to do it on Valentine's Day, coz' I don't think people need a designated special day to show love for each other. We should be able to do it any other day of the year.

Having said that, hope everyone has a good V-Day, and remember to show love to the people you care about, not just on V-Day, but every day. And for singles, I'm sure there are much better shows to watch February the 14th besides Sleepless in Seattle. :)