Monday, December 29, 2008

Did I forget to say Merry Christmas?

Oh yeah, I did! Sorry all, had a super busy Christmas Day and also going through one of my blogging PMS stages now (as in, I don't feel like blogging).

Anyhow, hope you all had a great Christmas and will have an even better new year 2009, full of joy and prosperity and all that good stuff. And my dog wishes you a belated Merry Christmas too.

Aahh, just gotta love them Santa hats.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Doing my bit for shameless advertising

It's 1.30am and I have to wake up early for work tomorrow but I'm not sleeping yet coz' I have an insanely busy week of travelling all over the place and I have yet to do my bit of shameless advertising for THIS.... our CBC Christmas Carnival! It's happening this Sunday, 2-7pm and SS14's school field, and we got food and games and all that other fun stuff. And of course, this would all be meaningless during Christmas if it was not for charity! We are raising funds for WAO's home for children from abused families... the kids need funds for school equipment, clothes, etc, etc... so you get to have fun and eat food while helping these kids get the things they need for the new school year. Everyone wins! Woo hoo!!! And we have flyers! Aren't they cool??

Alrighty, I'll stop writing Kim KARdashian-style now and go catch some zzz's. Hope to see you guys there. :)

Monday, December 08, 2008

Monash Alumni Gathering

Oh cool, there's a Monash article with my name in it on my old uni's website. Coz' I went for Monash's Alumni Gathering a couple of months back and they invited me to be on the panel of speakers at their forum, to share with the students and alumni on our working life experiences. It was quite fun, really... having to look and talk all professional-like while answering questions from students, when all the while I was quite tempted to say something like "Forget about finishing your degree and joining the boring working world! Go out and become rock star! Kekeke....". I highly doubt I would be invited back for next year's gathering if I had done that though, but it sure would have been funny.

See if you can spot the Carol in the immensely small group pic. Coz' I sure can't. Lol.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

The disappearing blog post

After some advice from a good friend, I've decided to remove my previous post about my tales of oppression. Unfortunately, for every person like myself who just loves to tell things like it is, there are also people out there who just can't take it like it is and would make it their life mission to get the people who tell it like it is into trouble. And while I respect people like an a certain infamous bald blogger who will not back down from telling it like it is, even they it gets him into hot soup... I'd rather save myself the drama. It WAS good advice from my friend though, so thanks to you, you know who you are. :P

However, if you didn't get the chance to read my previous entry and you're dying to know what it's all about, I saved my story and can send it to you. Provided, of course, that I know who you are and I trust you enough not to abuse it. Heh. Just gimme a holler.