Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ode to Australia, Japan, Selina, Gavin, Wai Keet & everything in between...

For those who were at the party: No explanation required. Just enjoy the vid. :)

For those who weren't: Here's a little diddly I wrote and performed with Sonia for my good buddies from church, Sel and Gav who are migrating to Australia, and Wai Keet who's going to Japan to study Japanese, and performed it at their farewell party. I somehow managed to throw this song together in about 4 days (after working hours, of course), and it came out pretty good, so I'm pretty stoked. :) By the way, Wai Keet loves to cosplay (that's Costume-Play ie. dress up in costumes, mainly for Anime fans) while Selina loves pink, so our party's theme was 'Costumes/All Pink'!!

Just to give credit where it's due and for those who are curious, some lyrics were ripped off the following songs:

1) The Australian National Anthem, though in all honesty, I think Adam Hill's version is MUCH better!
2)"I Come From The Land Down Under" by Men at Work. Makes me think videos in the 80's were so much more entertaining than the half-naked-people-prancing-around vids they make these days... though I wonder why there are electricity poles in the middle of a desert at the end of the vid??
3)"Sukiyaki" by 4PM, though originally it was a Japanese song sung by Kyu Sakamoto with lyrics of totally different meaning, and apparently that song has been remade a gazaillion times, but I guess most people, like me, would know the 4pm version. :P
4) "Turning Japanese" by the Vapors. This song is classic and some punk rock band seriously needs to remake this!!!
5) The Doraemon Theme Song. And no, I have no idea what the lyrics mean. But that didn't make singing it any less fun! XD

I have photos!!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Adam Lambert is a freakin' genius!!!

I mean, c'mon, anyone who can take this...:

And turn it into this...:

...and perform it on American Idol during COUNTRY week, must surely earn a place in genius land. ;)

Monday, March 02, 2009

Poetic inspiration comes at strange circumstances...

In the garden of Sel, Gav & Terk
I took this most fascinating pic,
Good enough, I would hope,
To be on National Geographic!

Though it may be their nature,
To mate amongst the blooms,
It was my nature too,
To yell out "Get a room!"

To this Coleopteran hanging on
A leaf for her life so dear
With her male partner's appendage
Stuck up her...*ahem*

And to entitle this photo
Between choices, I'm torn
To name it 'Insect Procreation'
Or more simply, 'Bug Porn'?