Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm hired! Yay?

Well, it's kind of old news to those I've already told, but I actually got a job offer from Accenture and I'm going to be starting in September! Big whoop for me! I actually managed to pass all 3 interviews stages for one of the biggest consulting firms in the world. Am I good, or am I GOOD? Well, it kind of helped that my cousin used to work there and he was in quite a high position when he left, so he was able to tell me practically everything to expect in the interviews. I was pretty worried in the last one though, coz' I got interviewed by one of the partners who was this roly poly big Indian who seemed to be thinking I might not be too good for the job coz' I'd have to do a lot of IT systems integration stuff for clients and I have absolutely zippo experience in IT. Other than maybe, surfing the internet, blogging and posting pictures of my gerbils. Not exactly helpful to clients, I would think. And when the interview was done, he didn't tell me that I got the job straight away, so my cousin said that it might be a bad sign coz' they usually inform the interviewees on the last round if they've been chosen. But anyhow, I did get the job offer, and now I have one and a half months to brace myself before I jump into the big ol' corporate world. Considering the very casual nature of my jobs so far, I'm wondering if I would be able to cope with the transition, not to mention the workload they will not doubt pile on me as soon as I step into office the first day. Plus having to learn a lot of totally new things, especially related to IT stuff coz' that's one of their main businesses. One part of me tells me I'm screwed, that I'll hate wearing the business attire and entertaining clients and getting caught in KL traffic everyday.... and another part tells me it just might be interesting in a good way, that I can learn a lot of new things, meet lots of new people and get to travel to other countries. Well, I'll only know once I jump into it, which won't happen yet coz' I still have to work out my two months notice as a Mad Scientist.

Two months does seem kind of long, but I'm pretty happy to get to hang around my company now for a while longer, coz' I have to admit I am pretty sad about leaving my current job. Even though it does suck in some ways, but because they're so few of us in the company, we've all gotten pretty close to one another. Of course, there are the occasionally (or actually, it happens quite often) instances of us wanting to strangle each other, but still we are pretty close. So when I got the job offer from Accenture (which was on last Monday, by the way), I was pleased but also dreading having to tell them about me resigning, especially the senior instructor, whom I have known since I joined and been pretty close to as well. Naturally, he was the first one I told, and he was obviously not happy about it, but wished me all the best. Then came the next hurdle of having to tell my other colleagues, and I thought it would be so weird having to announce it to everyone and have a barrage of questions coming at me all at once, so I just sent an email to everyone, which no one read before I went out for lunch with some of them (the rest stayed back at office to do stuff). Over lunch, I was wanting to tell the two colleagues that I was with that I was leaving, but didn't quite know how to do it. But then halfway through eating, another colleague of mine (a female Indian) called me up from office, apparently having just read my email, and started yelling at me that I can't resign, obviously coz' she was upset about it. And since my fingers was all mucked up from eating KFC, I couldn't really talk to her, so I told her I'd see her when I got back... and after putting down the phone, my colleagues whom I was eating with were wondering what all the fuss was about, so I told them I was resigning. And thankfully, they weren't too shocked about it. They actually went on to talk about all the other folks who have come and gone at Mad Science. But when I got back, I got the shock of my life when I saw the girl who called me was crying! Like seriously crying! I thought she was just playing the fool at first but she wasn't and I just really didn't know what to say about it. Especially since I'm the one who makes fun of her most of the time, so I dunno why she's so upset at me leaving, but she was. And between her and my senior, the mood in the office was kind of gloomy that day. Fortunately, now they're both back to normal, and I still have one and a half months more to bug that girl anyway, so I'm making it my goal to bug her so much, by the time I leave, she will want me to go. :P Haha! But I am surprised at her reaction. Guess I can't really blame her though. When I had to tell my boss a few weeks ago over the phone that I was going for interviews and was going to resign soon, even though he was ok with it, I was so sad when I put down the phone, the waterworks had a little leak here too... I dunno, guess it's coz' I've gotten so comfy with the place and I enjoy the stupid things we all do. Sigh... I guess it sounds pretty silly. Who gets so sad leaving their job? Ack!

Ah well, I know I can't be doing this job forever (my parents would kill me first), and I am looking forward to my new job too. Just a little sentimental about it coz' it IS my first job and all, and I do enjoy it mostly. So I'll have to make the most of what little time I have left. :)