Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Carol's Top Ten Cartoons That Should be Movies

If there ever was a time for the 80's cartoon lovers, now would be it, coz' these days there are just a ton of our favourite old cartoons that are being made into big movies. Next month, the world will get to watch Spidey in action for the third time (I'm looking forward to it, not so much because I'm a big Spiderman fan, but because I actually thought the first two movies were really good, and the third one looks quite promising). Not long after that, Optimus Prime and his super cool robot buddies shall come out and save the universe in Transformers (which hopefully will be just as good or even better than the Transformers movie that came out in the 80's. If my memory serves me well, I thought it was pretty cool). And then the Fantastic Four will battle it out with the Silver Surfer in their second shot on the big screen. Just last week, I got to watch the movie version TMNT, which stands for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, for those living under a coconut shell. And IMHO, which stand for 'in my humble opinion' for those who don't know computer shorthand, the movie was pretty disappointing. Fortunately, I wasn't really expecting much from it, so I wasn't overly disappointed with the plot that made zero sense and the superbly lame jokes. The only part that I found REAALLY amusing was when this little monster came out and attached Raphael. I just couldn't stop laughing! Haha, yes, yes, I know it's mean to laugh at a poor ninja turtle's misfortune with a creature from another dimension.

Of course, there have been plenty of other good cartoons that have been made into movies, the most famous ones being dem famous comic characters such as Superman, Batman, the Incredible Hulk, Daredevil, Electra and et cetera, et cetera... There was even a super corny Street Fighter movie. And dunno how many decades ago, there was an old He-Man movie. So with all the craze of cartoon being made into movies these days, I just reminisced about the cartoons I loved to watch when I was younger, and was thinking about how cool it would be if some of my favourite cartoons were made into movies. So I came up with Carol's Top Ten List of Cartoons That Should Be Made Into Movies! And of course, here they are:

10) Captain Planet and the Planeteers
A bunch of kids running around saving the world with the ability to control the elements isn't particularly interesting these days. What would be interesting is a dude with blue skin, green hair and his red underwear on the outside flying around saving the trees from being chopped down. Never seen that in the movies! And with all the hoohah about global warming and other environmental issues these days, maybe a Captain Planet movie will help to bring more light to the issue.... or it could just amuse everyone whenever the bad guys throw some toxic sludge at poor ol' Capitan Planet, thereby weakening him so much, all he can do is wait for the kiddos to come along and scare the baddies away throwing some fire around or something like that. It would be interesting to see how they could remake the infamous theme song too... Just imagine... Good Charlotte... singing.... "Captain Planet, he's a hero! Gonna bring pollution down to zero!". Haha, needless to say, if there ever came out a Captain Planet movie, I don't think the intelligence level requirement to watch it would be too high.

9) Dungeons and Dragons
Yes, yes, I know they already have come out with a Dungeons and Dragons movie (or more than one, I think), but I want to watch a D&D movie based on story of the cartoon series, and not some other whole new story. If I remember correctly, in the cartoon series, the main characters are teenage kids who are actually from our time (or rather, the 80's, coz' that's when the show was running) who were mysteriously transported into a fantasy dimension, where they had to deal with dragons and strange creatures and an evil dude with one horn. And, of course, each of them developed their own special skills and had to work as a team to make it through the adventures of each episode. And oh, there was a cute little baby unicorn running around with them too. Quite a fun fantasy cartoon, which I think would make a nice classic story for a movie. Only problem would be not making it like all the other typical fantasy movies that have come out in the past. But ah well, that would up to the storywriters to figure it out. I just wanna watch the movie and be entertained!

8) Spiderman and His Amazing Friends
No, I'm not daft. I know that there are already 3 Spiderman movies. But see, this isn't just Spiderman...it's Spiderman and His Amaaaaaazing Friends! I wanna see Spidey running around saving the would with Iceman and Firestar! Now everyone knows Iceman, of course, and he already appeared in the X-men movies.... but Firestar is a character that I really enjoyed but for some reason has eluded the big screen. Why, oh why? I mean, so what if she can do pretty much the same thing as the Human Torch, she's a girl and that makes all the difference to all the girls out there who has ever fantasized about flying around and shooting fire from their bare hands at everyone who annoys her. Bwahahaha!... *Ahem* I, not being one of those girls, of course. But anyway, Firestar would make a cool new addition to moviedom... though the problem would be finding an actress hot enough to do Firestar justice. Too bad Jessica Alba is already playing the Invisible Girl... so again, I shall leave that up to the cast managers.

7) Sonic the Hedgehog
They made a gazillion games, they had the funny cartoon series, so why on earth haven't they made a movie? Huh? HUH? Sonic the Hedgehog brings back quite a few good memories, coz' when I was a kid, I used to love the cartoon so much, I'd would be drawing Sonic cartoons all the time in class. And I had an old buddy named Adelina, who shared my passion for Sonic, so much that she started learning how to draw Sonic and Tails from me, and she actually nicknamed me Sonic, while she was nicknamed Tails. And we would even write letters to each other which were full of Sonic and Tails pictures (I still got them hiding around somewhere...) !Haha, I know it was lame, but it was fun. Well obviously, if they ever did make a Sonic movie, it would be a CG movie, unless they wanted a guy in a rubber blue suit with spikes trying to run around really fast. LOL. But seriously, I thought the series was so, so amusing, and the stories in the games are pretty interesting too. And there are plenty of interesting characters with which they could write an interesting story around, like bad boy Knuckles and that pink female hedgehog whose name escapes me. And Tails is just the cutest little fox with two tails that I have even seen. So yeah, it would be nice to see Sonic zipping around on the big screen some day....

6) Voltron
I know you remember this one! Didn't you just love the part when the 5 big robot cats would fly up into space, battle the baddies for a while and then merge to form an even bigger super robot before finishing off the bad guys? Yeah, I loved it too. And quite frankly, I don't remember much else of the cartoon, except for that. But it would good enough for me to go watch this movie. Goooooo...Voltron!

5) Sabre Rider and the Star Sheriffs
I don't think this cartoon was as famous as Voltron, but it was pretty similar. Four characters controlled four robots that also combined to make a big funky robot (I think). What makes it cooler is that each character has different armour that matches their favourite hobbies. Like one guy who like racecar and his helmet designed like an F1 driver's helmet. Another guy who's a cowboy has a cowboy hat helmet. The leader, who is the typical English gentleman that likes to ride around on horse, has a tall hat helmet and gets to ride around on robot horse! And the sole female...well, her armour isn't particularly special. She's just the token sole female that just must appears in these cartoons to rope in the female viewers. Anyhow, another reason why I liked the show is coz' the guys were all so cute, and I had a super crush on the leader coz' of the whole English accent and suave-ness. So if they ever made a Sabre Rider movie, I don't care who plays the other characters, but the lead guy has just gotta be hot, hot, hot!

4) Sailormoon
There weren't many fantasy adventure cartoons around that catered to the girls, so when Sailormoon came around, it didn't matter to me that I could only watch it dubbed in Cantonese, and the characters all spoke in such high squeaky voices.... I thought it rocked! My fav characters were Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter, just coz' they were the most confident among all the other girls, even Sailormoon. And they were both a little bit hotheaded and tomboyish, which made them all the more fun to watch. But of course, the bestest part is when the Sailor chicks would do their super duper powers to wipe out the bad guys in battle... and it would take them about 5 minutes just to twist and turn and look pretty and yell out the name of their super duper power before they finally do it and knock out big bad guy. Ah yes, to look pretty and save the world at the same time. Now don't all we girls just wish we could do that? :D

3) Thundercats
Ok, I reaaaalllly don't understand how they can make a He-Man movie, several Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies, but not even one Thundercats movie. Like, hello? Wasn't this, like, one of the most awesome action cartoons ever? Well, actually I didn't love it all that much... but I still think a movie about a bunch of humanoid felines running around battling evil another cool concept for the world of moviedom. And it would be interesting to see who would be able to pull off the muscle-bound male characters without looking like cheesy Mr. World wannabes. Or who would be able to pull off having Lion-O's funky bright orange hair. But we all know what the best part of the movie would be.... when Lion-O brandished his sword and does his "Thunder.....Thunder....Thundercats...HOOOOO!!!" routine. Don't deny it, I know you pretended to do that too when you were a kid. Ha.

2) Jem and the Holograms
I just LOOOOVED this cartoon when I was a kid! Jem and the Holograms was THE show that played on every young girl's fantasy of being a famous pop star.... and had some added coolness in that the main character, Jerrica Benton, could one second be a normal, low-profile person, and just by touching her star-shaped earrings and saying "Showtime, Synergy!", plain jane Jerrica would be transformed into superstar Jem with the hugh cotton candy pink hair. Sweet! And the thing I also really enjoyed was the short music clips that they showed in every episode.... I was so addicted to the cartoon, I would religiously record each episode, watch the music clips repeatedly and write down every single lyric to every single song in a little book just for this purpose. And I would also try and draw the characters doing something related to the song....and since my drawing weren't all that good at the time, I think the ended up looking more like upside down colourful mops (coz' of the big hair). But the story was really interesting, and it was always fun to watch how Jerrica would try to keep her secret ability under wraps, but sometimes, it would almost, almost, be revealed. But it never was revealed, of course. So yeah, Jem would make a awesome movie. I just know it.

1) Biker Mice From Mars
And some of you are probably thinking "Biker what from where??!!". Well, even though the title is no less weirder than Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, sad to say Biker Mice From Mars wasn't as popular or well-loved as their reptilian cowabunga-ing counterparts. But the show still had (and STILL has) a loyal fan following, which included yours truly coz' I was just absolutely in love it! Admitedly, the storyline doesn't make much sense. And for those who don't know, the story goes like this: Three macho humanoid mice who are actually Martians were escaping from some bad guys who were plundering their planet before they crash-landed on earth and made friends with a human female called Charlene Davidson. One of the baddies, another race of aliens called Plutarkians, was also on planet Earth, trying to plunder its resources as well, and so our three macho mice do all they can each episode to foil his evil plans. Oh, did I mention they ride really cool bikes that understand and obey their commands? Plot doesn't rank high on the logical department, but hey, after all, it's a CARTOON, so who the heck cares about logic? I sure didn't! So why did I love this show? Well, it was superbly funny, for one. I especially enjoyed the ridiculous antics of Vinnie, the white mouse. Their bikes were really hot (made me want to buy a Harley when I grew up!). And they played a lot of rock music on the show, and being a rock music lover me-self, well, that pretty much cinched it for me. Plus, even though the main story is pretty silly, the background story and the issues the characters have in some episodes makes the show more meaningful and interesting. Like throughout the series, you learn how they were tortured by the baddies before they came to earth... so Vinnie wears a metal mask on one side of his face coz' his face got mutilated, and Modo (the big grey mouse) has a robotic arm coz' of some kooky experiments by a kooky doctor, and Throttle (the brown mouse who is the leader of the pack) wears special glasses to help him see, without which he is blind. So the story actually got really interesting as it went on. And so when I was younger, I used to write down the details of every single episode I watched in my journals, so that I could read it again later on and have a good laugh. Yes, that's how big a fan I was.... and still am! :P And so if there was ever a Biker Mice movie, I'd be the first in line at the cinemas to catch it! Of course, the chances of it turning out to be a B-grade movie with more action and less plot is pretty high, but I have hope that should it ever come to the big screens, the storywriters will do it true justice and make me fall in love all over again with these macho mice. Rock and ride! Woohooo!!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

A quick one!

Hey everyone, I know I haven't been blogging for quite a while. As usual, work taketh up my time like nobody's business, not to mention the fact that I dilly dally a lot once I reach home instead of making good use of my time. But I'm preparing my next post by researching through a bunch of pics. For what, you wonder? Well, you gotta wait to find out! Bwahaha! Hopefully not too long though. For now, I'm about to go dozey off coz' it's 1am and I need to work tomorrow, but before I do, I just wanna say one thing:

Sanjaya Malakar is finally off American Idol!! Woo hooooo!!!!! Sorry, Howard Stern!