Monday, September 06, 2010

The LOLL (lack-of-love-life) update

I apologize for the fact that this has now become my sad blog. Since I've started my Read in Red blog, I prefer to keep all my non-personal updates about any interesting stuff on that blog and stuck to blogging more personal stuff here. Unfortunately the only time I have personal stuff to blog about is when I'm sad or depressed for some reason or another, or something to do with my love life or griping over my lack of it. At least the fact that I don't update very often goes to show that I don't get sad or depressed so easily... and I still don't have much of a love life, so I can't keep griping about that. But today's post kinda falls under the latter category of griping about my (lack of) love life. Get ready to be bored again. Nyek nyek.

I met a new guy friend recently. I find said guy mentioned above a very interesting person, just a year older than me. But I can talk to him easily and openly and we have interesting conversations. He has quite a regularly interesting blog, just simple stuff about his life. The thing I liked was how he liked to update about his personal thoughts and activities with his friends and loved ones (he seems to be a pretty active guy)... the stuff I SHOULD be blogging about here, but I'm not coz' I'm a lazy bum!! It inspired me to get blabbering here again. Don't know how long the inspiration will last though. :P The sad part for me is that said guy is already taken and going to be married early next year. So it's like that Alanis Morrisette song, you know, the one where's she sings about how life is as ironic as 'meeting the man of my dreams and then meeting his beautiful wife'. In this case, fiance.

Well, if you've been paying attention to what few updates I've made to this blog, you'd have known my last post mentioned about how I'm starting to not be too into the idea of getting hitched anyway, so no biggie. Just cursing my bad luck coz' something COULD have happened if he was NOT already with another girl. *Sigh* Welcome to the story of my love life, people. But I'm glad to have him as a friend anyway. It's nice to have someone new come along and inspire me every once in a while, even if it's to work these lazy fingers and start blogging about my boring life.

Yet I'm also strangely happy with the fact that I'm not desperate to get into the relationship. Reason I know this is because I met ANOTHER guy recently during a gathering of Christian friends I have not in ages (met them in a camp). This guy was particularly chatty with me during the dinner, and he's a nice guy, got a long well too, so we exchanged numbers. Since then, he has called me up every now and then just to chat and asked me out for drinks a few times (I've only gone out with him once for breakfast and a movie). And he often start online chats with me, just to chat. So I'm pretty sure this guy has a thing for me.

Sad to say, the feeling is not mutual.

Like I said, he's a nice guy... just that apart from talking about what boring stuff is happening in our lives (which is not much), I don't find our conversations very interesting. He does not strike me as someone opinionated or with an interesting view of things, or, well.... an interesting person in general. So as nice as he is and flattered as I am by his attention, I'm simply not attracted to him. I'm not quite sure how to tell him this though... I'm still replying to his chats and would probably still go out with him again. Maybe after a while of me not reciprocating with initiating the chats, etc, he'll get the hint?

So here I am liking a guy I can't have and being liked by a guy I'm not interested in. My life is now almost fodder for a cheezy Taiwanese drama! Whoop whoop!