Thursday, March 06, 2014

How I Annoy People through the Amazing Powers of Logic (and talking too much)

Me: Why hello again, blog o' rants!
Blog: Back so soon? You were just here yesterday!
Me: Yeah I know. I'm in the moment
Blog: Sweet!

Ok that's me being a little bit high. Thankfully today's post is not a rant. I let off so much steam yesterday, I feel so much better today. Not counting the times today that I was super stressed halfway through the work day and somewhat emo after lunch coz' one of the puppies my mum is fostering died of Parvovirus during my lunch break in front of me and my mum, which resulted in my mum crying, but thankfully not getting overly emotional and guilty (at least not in front of me). Although it did result is a bit of paranoia among some of my relatives' Whatsapp chat who were all going on about possibility of getting Parvovirus from dogs, and worrying about mum and worrying about my nieces getting infected when they go to visit, and even though I told them repeatedly that the dog strain of Parvovirus can't infect humans so mum and kids are all perfectly safe, they all still continued being paranoid about it. And then I sent them webpage links from reputable sites (not crap like Yahoo Answers which any Tom, Dick and Harry can answer) that reinforced exactly what I was saying, plus a link showing all the possible fatal diseases human can get from swimming in a pool (which my nieces love to do), trying to make a point that humans are more likely to die from a disease contracted while swimming in a pool than getting parvovirus from a dog, and therefore they don't need to worry about getting the virus from the dogs. After which my aunt left the Whatsapp group and my uncle refused to talk to me and said I was being exactly like my mum (which they also complain about), which I assume to mean that I'm being very defensive, among other things my mum does.

All that for trying to tell them they don't need to worry. Which is the exact opposite of what my mum does. Hmm, ok. I guess next time it's better to just encourage unreasonable fear of anything they know absolutely nothing about instead of telling them actual facts with evidence. Coz' being afraid of everything you know nothing about is the best way to live. And this is why I scuba dive and hike in jungles by myself and tried jumping out an airplane for fun once while they're happy to live in a imaginery little plastic bubble of safety. Although tomorrow, the risk of any of us dying in a car crash is way more likely than me dying from a scuba dive, hike, or sky dive. And certainly way more than even the one year old niece getting Parvovirus from a dog. But oh well, scientific facts and statistics are just waaaaay to much for some people to handle.

Anyway, even that sideshow didn't ruin my mood, though it did result in me posting some cryptic posts on my FB account, which may earn me more backlash tomorrow from them (to which I will privately/publicly say in advance on this post, f****** it allll :D :D :D).

On a somewhat related and somewhat not related note, I know from personality questions of some sites I visit that most people get really annoyed with super logical people like myself. Which to me, really explains why a lot of people cannot handle being told they are potentially wrong even when presented with evidence. And such people then tend to react with personal attacks, which sometimes can be mild but annoying, like my uncle saying I'm behaving like my mum, which he knows will bug me. And sometimes, it can outright rude, like on some online forums where I've gotten into active debates with people I don't know, usually religious beliefs. Like now, I'm on this FB group called 'Malaysian Athests, Freethinkers, Agnostics and their friends', which I initially thought would be a great place for debates among reasonably open minded people, but actually it's more like an avenue for people who hate religions to post any piece of news about stupid things religious people do then make fun of them. And sometimes even the posts from hardcore atheists against religion are so stupidly illogical, I can't resist to throw in a differing opinion, and then I get flamed for it. Which has only proven to me that even though atheists claim to be smarter than religious people coz' they rely on science, facts, etc, most of them are just like some religious people who ramble off what they were told by other atheists without thinking if what they're saying makes any sense and then shoot down anyone who challenges their beliefs (in no God). Fortunately most of the ladies on that group and very amicable to talk and debate with, which I enjoy. It's some of the men I've met there who just enjoy throwing insults at me when they can't seem to think of anything worthwhile to say about any point I made. I've been much more thick skinned during such online discussions, thanks to my online encounter with Dennis Chow Chow brain. So far, no I've met online has beaten him in terms of sheer annoyance, though I'm in a way happy that he helped make me so thick skinned.

Ok, I should stop rambling now and overworking my brain at 2.30am with lots of things to do at work. Stop thinking so much, woman, for Pete's sake, you're annoying yourself. @_@

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