Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Red Velvet Cheesecake Day 2014

My 31st birthday was on Saturday, and am happy to say I had a pretty good celebration this weekend with family ad some friends. I am now jokingly referring to my birthday as Red Velvet Cheesecake day, because ever since my sister-in-law gave us all small tubs of red velvet cheesecakes made by her friend for her daughter's birthday in February, I decided it was officially my favorite cake. Firstly because it tastes so darn good, and secondly because the cake is red and as we all know, red is AWESOME.

The nicest birthday surprise I got was an unexpected surprise box of goodies sent by my brother and other sis-in-law all the way in the USA, including a board game, t-shirt and many healthy snacks (and some dental floss for some reason, which I'm not complaining coz' I use it often enough). Unexpected nice surprises are just as, if not more awesome than red velvet cheesecake.

The family dinner on Saturday was at Johnny Rockets at the Curve, where the food isn't really worth the price, but the fun thing about the place is the half hourly dance performances by the staff to all sorts of songs. Not all of them can dance well, of course, but there are those that really put their all into the dances, and are clearly enjoying themselves, which is what makes it fun. Also the restaurant theme is white and red, which is AWESOME.

Unfortunately it's not unusual during my family dinners for something to happen that will permanently or temporarily kill the good mood, usually something like a silly argument. That 'family tradition' happened again when I invited my dad for the dinner, and he decided to go to Genting Highlands in the day and return in the evening, so he had to make his own way there. I had sent him an sms stating the restaurant name and location and time, and he responded with 'ok', and nowhere in that sms conversation did he request me to call him around dinner time to confirm that we had already arrived. So when we were there at 8pm, we sms-ed me saying he'd be there at 8.30pm, which I saw and did not respond to coz' I thought, no prob, just wait for him. 8.40pm I got two missed calls and an sms from him saying 'No reply, I'm going home'. Bewildered, I called him to find out he had tried calling me to confirm we were there and decided to go home when I did not pick up as his friend was driving him and he didn't want to be stuck at Curve with no transport and have to take a cab back. Needless to say, I got pretty mad, since I had already confirmed everything before that and there were so many things he could have done way before 8.30pm to confirm that we were already there at the stated time of 8pm. It's kinda like saying that he minds taking a cab home a lot more than he minds missing his daughter's birthday celebration.

It's time like these that I don't mind not introducing potential suitors to my parents ever. Not that potential suitors exist, but you know, if they ever did.

But anyway, apart from that small gripe, everything else about the B-day 2014 for me was pretty good. No other untoward incidents happened at Johnny Rockets. My sis-in-law who's not in the US got me some mini red velvet cheese cakes, the same type which I fell in love with when she introduced it for her daughter's birthday in February. My buddy Selina, also got some church friends to take me out on her behalf, which is the first time anyone overseas has subcontrated someone else to celebrate my birthday with me. The sentiment is much appreciated, and I ended up having more church friends coming for the dinner than I thought there would be. Though they got me chocolate cake instead of red velvet cheesecake, it was still great. Had to cut them some slack since those red velvet cakes usually require pre-ordering for some reason. I guess because not many people have experience the awesomeness of red...velvet...cheese,,,cake!

To top off the weekend, I was taken out for a simple mamak hangout plus new boardgame session with a couple of good buddies, Sonia and Joanne. And I also got a call from another good buddy, Damien, promising to take me out end of April coz' he's super busy with lots of work now. I will hold him out to that promise, even though I'm super busy myself.

I am happy this year, that friends and (most) family took the time to take me out and send me presents from halfway around the world. Thanks to all who took the time, and those who will take the time. :)

Oh yay, this is (mostly) not a griping post!

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