Monday, May 05, 2014

Pop goes the Carol

This month is going to be insane. I have to rush to prepare for two audits within less than 2 weeks, as in me being audited instead of me auditing other people (the latter being much more preferable) with little help coz' no one else knows or understands what needs to be done or how to do it. In addition to rushing to review many overdue reports from our sister office in a nearby country, which is always pushing me to do it fast, which is easily one full day per report at least coz' I almost always end up writing 5 pages of comments coz' that how the reports are (usually because of the poor English) and how annoyingly meticulous I am, and another bulk of my precious time is spent correcting that poor English. In addition to handling my department's admin, sales, and management tasks coz' technically I'm the only person in my department, though there is a new tech support girl but we've been so busy moving office that I have not had the time to even explain to her properly what I do and what she has to do to help me, and because she's helping prepare stuff for the move, she hasn't had much time to learn anything anyway. Now I'm going to be too busy even to sit down and teach her anything. In addition to flying around auditing clients myself and having to prepare audit reports.

And in addition to that, I have ot prepare for an upcoming two weeks trip to Australia and have not even booked my accomodation. I might just end up sleeping on a park bench in Brisbane and Gold Coast at this rate.

The stress was already bad enough a few weeks bad when the lovely HR girl in my office didn't bother to book baggage for 5 auditors flying AirAsia on a week long trip, because in the midst of painstakingly picking out flights for everyone and making sure dates and times were correct and providing their booking details, I forgot to tell her every other minute detail to make our lives on the plane a bit more comfy, you know, like booking check-in baggage and food. That time I had to take a time out in the washroom for 5 minutes coz' I was so mad and stressed, I was two seconds away from having my head explode all over the office.

If I wasn't so busy, I'd be learning some meditation techniques. Ok, gotta go.

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